The Quite Fight – Attack on the Barracks


Fabio Freitas E Silva | – Steam punk vintage computer


After the longest 10 minutes of his life, the ramp began to open. Chester had Emily and three locals, Wendy, Randy, and Manny. They were in front and were to clear the path to the armory. Chester and Emily ran down the ramp set themselves and then fired the beam rifles West at the two guards at the stables and armory. They then ran to either side and aimed in the other direction and the guards on the Administration side fell as well. Chester signaled his group to move forward silently. At the guard station to the stables, Emily grabbed a set of keys. Randy and Chester stood at either door. Manny and Wendy nodded and The doors opened. Again, they rushed in. This time Manny and Wendy took down two grooms. Randy fired at an officer who had been working by and he dropped. Chester looked at his map and said quietly, “Left and stay on either side.” There were two loud crashes. Chester muttered, “So much for secrecy. Step up chaps…we are losing our advantage.” They moved fast through the hallway and reached the armory. There were three guards there. Two dropped immediately from Randy and Wendy. The third got two shots off and shouted, “Alarm,” before Manny finished him with his beam. The room wreaked of burning flesh and clothes. Wendy began to wretch. Chester said, “Steady on, the next crew needs to get here and we have to hold this room and hall.”
Wendy hissed, “Some of us haven’t been butchers before.”
Emily worked her way through the keys. “Shit, none of them work.”
Manny rummaged through the dead officers coat and found a new ring. “Try these.”
The second group of five, led by Constance, came in with carts to load cannon and rifles. She said, “Open yet?”
Emily shouted triumphantly, “Now it is.”
Chester looked at his watch, “10 minutes. A cannon plus whatever rifles you can load.” He then said, “Wendy, Emily, Manny, hold the passage way.” Chester then added his weight to shifting the cannon onto the cart which seemed to lift a bit even with the weight. “Move it. Take the front group with you to the ship.” Chester and the remaining three loaded rifle boxes onto the remaining carts. He heard a shot down the hall. “Ok that is our signal to leave. Connie lead them out. I am going to add a bit of fun to the mix.” As they left, Chester took a rope of slow fuse and put it into a gunpowder barrel. He unrolled the fuse 15 feet out the armory door. More shots were being fired now. He pointed a beam pistol at the slow fuse and it ignited immediately. Chester ran out saying, “Clear out fast, mates. She’s gonna blow.” They retraced their steps back to the quad. At this point, there was a ragged squad of soldiers lining up to shoot. Chester stopped and lined his rifle same as Emily and scythed through the front rank who dropped screaming. He pushed on to the ship. There was a shot and Manny dropped with a grunt. Then Wendy. Chester shouted, “Keep moving.” Then the world behind him turned bright orange and a wave of heat blew him down.

Chester woke up inside the ship as it was landing back at Regent’s Park. Emily was waving smelling salts in front of his now. He coughed and pushed the noxious bottle away. He looked around, “How did we do?”
Cedric answered, “One cannon, two dozen rifles, and 10,000 in pounds. And the notes I left all attributing it to the “New Young Irelanders”.
Chester leaned up, “I don’t remember ‘New Young Irelanders’”
Cedric smiled broadly, “Doesn’t exist. Doesn’t matter. And besides, we’ll need a market for those guns.”

Author’s Note

Attack scenes tend to be long (good for my word count!). That is because of the amount of detail and location information one should supply.  This is the last in this series.

Not much has changed since the last post. I am hoping for a good writing day today. I will be finishing this story up.


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