The Omicron Matter – Changes in Plans – An Assessment

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Changes in Plans. Winifred Stanhope has spent the last two months locked up in her room.  Her only contact has been when someone brings her meals. Today has been busy on the ship. There was heavy acceleration and then two jumps and more heavy acceleration. Now after all that time she has visitors. It seems John Smith has finally figured out what to do with her and Findley Brown.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

I am changing headings on this chapter. I am not explicitly defining who is the narrator in the heading. It should be obvious enough in the reading. However, I will welcome comments if it is unclear.  This chapter will be more exciting than the last. It is hard to make a sales call interesting.  Backing Winifred Stanhope into a corner is far more likely to be exciting.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday

An Assessment

The ship had been stationary for several days, but today it had engaged the drive twice. Winifred lay on her bed staring at the ceiling when the doors opened.  John Smith stood at the door next to a strange creature.  It was long and fat looking like a grotesque slug.  It’s two eyes were wide set over a very wide mouth. Smith gestured in her direction, “She knows the drive well. She is also talented in small mechanics and decent with electronics.”

The creature gestured with a small hand, “If she is so talented, why is she hidden in this room?”

Smith glared at her.  Winifred smiled, sat up and waved the inert prosthetic arm at him.  Smith continued, “Miss Stanhope gravely exceeded her boundaries.”

The creature slid forward and examined her more closely.   Winifred crossed her arms and frowned as it looked her over. It said, “She is not restrained?”

Smith looked up at the ceiling saying, “No…at the time I had the opportunity, I found her talents more useful without restriction.”  He crossed his arms and tapped his fingers, “Morgaine seems to get more out her recruits and Miss Stanhope had great potential. However, she couldn’t follow the few rules I gave her.”

Winifred smiled and said, “Smith gave me control of the others.”

The creature squinted with its big eyes and said, “That wasn’t enough?”

Winifred leaned in and said, “I have higher goals than to be a lab assistant  – even if it is a lab assistant to John Smith.”

Smith looked at his fingers and said, “Apparently my offering wasn’t enough. She became bothersome.” He waved at the creature towards the door and said, “She knows the machine well.  She’s available as well the man next door.”

The creature asked as they left, “Any restrictions on collaring?”

Smith turned his head back and gave a twisted smile, “Once the sale of the pair is complete, how you manage them is not my concern.” He closed the door with the same dark smile.


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