The Omicron Matter – Changes In Places – Loose Ends

A new entry in the Omicron Matter, Changes in Places, Changes in Courses. Alfred acted before Winifred did. The choice was not optimal, but events had moved beyond his control. Now he faced the question of how to finish the matter.

For those who are new to the  Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

Again Arthur is a complex character. But he is a man who is not afraid to act. I have high hopes for him in the long run.

There are a couple more entries in this chapter. The next chapter is edited and ready for publishing.

Look for more on Monday. Thanks for you support.

Loose ends

Alfred  pushed his bag at Findley Brown and snapped at Winifred, “You were wasting time. Get out into the hall. That shot probably roused someone.”

Winifred squinted at him.  Alfred pushed Brown down the ramp towards Winifred and gestured to the entry to the dock, “Go…now. I’ll finish this.” The two of them grabbed the bags and sprinted towards their freedom. Alfred sauntered down to the end of the ramp where Neville was groaning and trying to move away.

Neville gasped, “Why?”

Alfred stepped to his head and leaned down saying, “Because you might have crippled this little revolt before it is even finished birthing.” He tapped the gun on Neville’s head, “Winifred doesn’t need to know about the coalition or Smith and Morgaine’s plots.”

Neville groaned, “Please…”

Alfred muttered, “Neville… you were doing so well before. You are really going to need to work on that ‘stiff upper lip’ and all that rot.”  Alfred knelt next to him.  He whispered into his ear and said, “Sorry about this last shot, chap. Appearances… you know.”

Neville gasped for breath.

Alfred hissed, “Hush you fool. Winifred is going to want to see blood. We don’t want too much of it.” He leaned down and said, “Listen carefully. Tell Smith he has a man on the inside. Smith has a man on the inside.  Raise your finger if you’ve got that.”  Neville raised a finger. Alfred smiled a bit and said, “There’s a good chap. I know this is going to hurt. Damned sorry. Don’t move after or I’ll have to do much worse.”  Alfred stood up; casually aimed and fired one last time. Neville, to his credit, did not flinch. He only raised his finger.


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