Part 1 – Setting Up

The story begins here. Jason McNeill is newly graduated from University and finds himself without a job.  Doing what he has done for his life, he adjusts and works as a dishwasher run by local genius (at least with beer) Stephan Miller and local chef, Jolene Miller. Millicent Morgaine arrives from parts far distant and arranges an appointment with one her usual sources – the Dean of the University. She is seeking materials, curios and, this time, people for a patron who will use these things as a display of art.  During her conference with the Dean, she discovers that someone has been making similar requests and this is causing her distress. John Smith has his own patron to please. His patron is seeking materials, curios and people as well. But for this patron, the matter is one of research – he plans to experiment with these curious humans. Millicent attempts to disrupt John Smith, but the consequences for others is unexpected and severe.


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