Felicity’s Journal – A Trip to the Cafe


December 19. 1862

Today I ventured out into the world for the first time. Millicent said we needed to get out into the world. By we, I mean Rachael and myself. The others, including my Michael, have been out and about. Rachael couldn’t move at first and I didn’t want to be seen. With my grafts in place and starting to look like my skin, I feel less like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Rachael is mobile now and has been practicing with her chair around the warehouse. Eleanor lent me a lovely hat with a heavily netted veil. It was a dark purple and I was tempted to try and match it with my grafts but chose otherwise. Rachael was outfitted with warm clothes and other conveniences necessary for a long trip for her. Liam and Millicent loaded Rachael into the taxi. She complained loudly that she was not a sack of potatoes and after a bit of that Liam suggested that a sack of potatoes would be better company. She was quiet, but I could tell she was fuming. Her chair collapses and stows nicely in the luggage boot.

Our destination was Abigail’s café near the University. After loading Rachael into her chair (with less complaining and more explaining) and finding a place for the carriage, we went into the café. Abigail, Alice and Athena had decorated the café for Christmas with tinsel and ornaments and greenery and candles.   We had coffee drinks and the most remarkable pastries. I think my mouth is still watering. Eating is much easier now with the grafts. Athena joined us and showed us more of her puzzle work. In the way of children, she asked questions about Rachael’s chair and my face that adults daren’t ask. “Is it fun to ride?” “Why is your face a strange color?” “How do you get up stairs?” “Does it hurt?” I wished that Abigail or Alice had hushed her a bit, but Rachael and I will have to deal with that in the future. I must have mentioned that my grafts change color and Athena immediately wanted to see them change. When I changed them to match my veil, she clapped. I can’t say if I was amused, annoyed or relieved. At least I didn’t scare her.

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