The Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish – Millicent and Mordechai Talk


A new entry in The Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish.  Mordechai has finished talking with Rachael and is now joining Millicent and Liam in the galley. As expected, Mordechai is upset, but his anger has been tempered by conversation with his daughter. He is upset at her injury and scared at the life she has in front of her, but she felt she was doing something good and bigger than herself.  He cannot fault that. Unexpected guests join everyone in the galley and add faces to the action.

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Millicent and Mordechai Talk

The lights flashed in the galley. Millicent guessed the meaning and said, “Guide them up here.”

A few moments later, John and Mordechai arrived. John showed the man to a seat. He seemed more beaten by age than he had when he arrived at the warehouse door.  Millicent poured some tea for him. He mixed the cream and sugar in and sipped it.

Mordechai stared at the cup as he spoke, “Rachael told me a bit more. Said she volunteered.”

Liam spoke up, “Millicent told her to take you on a holiday; that it wasn’t her fight. But she wouldn’t have any of that.”

Mordechai said quietly, “I trusted her to you.”

Millicent winced at the words.  She drank her own tea and stared at the table wishing for answers that weren’t there. She said, “I let her down and I failed your trust. It was rushed and they weren’t ready for that sort of thing.”

At that point, Eleanor Woodson and Simone Campbell came to the galley and sat.  Eleanor said, “I am the person they were rescuing and they saved two of us. My name is Eleanor Woodson.”

Mordechai eyed her but said nothing.

Eleanor continued, “Rachael and I did some work together at school.  She is quite brilliant with those hands. And she has an eye for how to transfer energy in a machine.”

Mordechai smiled a little, “You should see my shop and the doorbell, “ and his voice caught.

Eleanor said gently, “Maybe Rachael can show me and Simone when she is up and about.”

Mordechai winced a bit and said, “I didn’t think she was going to ‘up and about’ anymore.”

Millicent said, “Her legs won’t work, but the rest of her will recover fully. I am not ready to sing a Kiddish for her yet.  In a few weeks, she should be ok for trips.” She looked around the table and mused, “Good lord, Mordechai. Look at the engineers in this room and Rachael’s own ability. Can you imagine the wheel chair they will make?”

Mordechai laughed heartily for a moment and that dissolved into tears.  Eleanor got up and hugged him surrounding him with her giant frame.  Simone said, “I am truly grateful, Mr. Weiz.  I know it may not matter to you right now. But she saved me from something you cannot imagine.  Please know that my life would be over without her help.“ His shoulders shook as the fear, uncertainty and grief swept over him.

Millicent said, “Mr. Weiz, spend the night here. She will want to see you. Tomorrow, Liam can take you home and you are welcome to stop by anytime while Rachael is recovering.”  The lights flickered once and Millicent said quietly, “You were right as usual, Charles.”

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