The Omicron Matter – Aftermath and Resolution for Eleanor – In the ship

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath and Resolution for Eleanor–  Two days after the rescue, Eleanor is now ready to face her family. She is still coming to terms with her grief and anger over the abduction and the killing of her brother. Simone is now a part of her life. With the collar, Eleanor needs to be close by to help if things go bad.

Author’s Note – Writing is coming along fairly well for this new book. I will have a bit of down time over the holidays to get ahead on writing. Between Felicity’s journal and these chapters, I have enough to keep us going through the holidays. Felicity also let me know she is simply amazed and overwhelmed that so many people like her writing. She is looking forward to questions. Thanks for your support, look for more tomorrow.

In the Ship

Eleanor looked at herself in the mirror. Millicent had visited the factory yesterday to explain as best she could. She had returned with two dresses and shoes. As Eleanor looked at herself there were still bags under her eyes despite two nights of sleep. She and Simone had both taken pills and had dreamless sleep that was welcome. There were bruises and cuts that would heal. The visits by the men and Winifred would be a different matter.  The first morning she had spent thirty minutes in the shower and still felt dirty. The voice from the wall had finally just shut the shower off saying that there were better ways for her to deal with trauma. Simone had spent almost as long in the shower. Eleanor joined the group at breakfast on the second day.  There was a table with a pot of hot tea and the most heavenly croissants she had ever eaten. Millicent greeted her warmly and prepared a cup of tea.  Millicent’s face looked drawn and she had her own bags under her eyes. Simone arrived a moment after and Millicent served her as well.  As the cup was prepared Millicent said to Simone, “You are welcome here dear. You are also free to go where you want, if you choose. “ Eleanor added quickly, “I would rather she stay.” Simone smiled shyly. Millicent smiled as well but said, “As would I, but that is Simone’s choice to make. Regardless, relax for a bit Eleanor. Your father is beside himself at the moment.  You will need to see him.” Millicent sat down and said, “I have broken the news of Tom to your family.” Tears welled in her eyes, “They didn’t have to kill him.” Simone put her hand on Eleanor’s arm, “They did it because it was convenient and because they could.” Eleanor stiffened herself. If she started to cry now, she might not stop. She sniffed and Millicent offered a handkerchief and Eleanor blew her nose. Millicent got up to tend some of the dishes in the kitchen and said as she left, “You may want to talk to Felicity. She has had her own trials in her early years.” Eleanor and Simone ate in silence. Eleanor took another bight of the heavenly croissant and said, “I don’t think I have ever had one of these so good.” Simone looked at plate of croissants speculatively and asked, “Millicent do you know a café named, ‘Du Univers Meilleur Café’? Those croissants taste just like these.” Millicent laughed heartily, “You have no idea how well I know that café. I shall inform Alice you noticed them and of Eleanor’s hearty approval. She will be pleased. The owners are dear friends of mine.” Eleanor said, “I thought your work schedule did not allow for friends.” Millicent said, “I haven’t been gone so long this time – only 10 years. One of the owners of the café, Abigail, used to work for me. You should talk with her.” Simone looked at the croissant intently before taking a bite and closing her eyes in relish. Then she said, “I got the impression from Smith that I would never return or if I did, I would owe my soul.” Eleanor filled in for Millicent, “The contract I was shown would make me richer than most of the House of Lords. “ Millicent said stiffly, “Smith and I cultivate and manage our recruits differently.” Simone laughed at first and then the laugh sifted to tears, “Oh Lord, I am finding that out…” Eleanor handed her the handkerchief she had used and Simone sniffled into it saying, “Don’t we make a fine pair.” In response to Simone’s lament a voice spoke with a crisp, cultured English accent saying “Yes and don’t let anyone tell you different.” Eleanor and Simone looked at each other and then the ceiling. Millicent smiled and said, “The past two days things were so complicated and everyone had needs to be attended that there was no time for formal introductions. Eleanor Woodson and Simone Cambell…you just heard Charles. My partner, associate and friend.” The lights flickered. Simone asked, “Where are you?” Charles sighed dramatically, “This is always such a complicated question for you folk. I am the intelligence in this ship.” Simone frowned for a moment and then said, “Like Camille?” Charles replied with a bit of sadness on his voice, “Very much so. Each ship’s intelligence has its own personality. Camille and I do not get along. We have had severe differences in the past and the events of the past few days have only widened those differences.” Simone touched the collar on her neck, “Camille helped put this on me. If you disagree with her, then we shall get along fine.” “Those collars are but one place we disagree. And thank you Miss Campbell, for not judging all my kind by Camille’s actions. “ Millicent cleaned up the plate of pastries and said, “Charles, when they return today you must give them a tour. Eleanor needs to appreciate you fully. Now ladies, you can relax some. But, as I said, Mr. Woodson is anxious and I expect Simone’s parents also want to see you. “ Simone’s eyes brightened and she sat up straighter. Millicent said, “I thought so. Liam O’Hannigan is at your disposal today.”


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