A Quiet Fight – Gathering of the New Order


Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer

Gathering of the New Order

Edward walked down the street to the Kimberly Airship factory. Pamela had summoned him to be here in the early evening. He was arriving with a large number of others from Belgravia and Paddington. A good portion of London’s lesser gentry was here and looking very awkward in a working class setting. The leads were at the gate greeting people at the gate and pulling them in quickly. Pamela shook Edward’s hand warmly, “Tonight changes everything. Head into the hanger quickly and get out of the street.” He followed others toward the large hanger as she moved to the next person.
The hanger for airships was immense and had several working rooms along the edge. Members of the New Order congregated furthest away from the door. There were servants passing around champagne while everyone waited. Edward took a glass and rolled his eyes. Only British aristocracy would have hors d’ oeuvres before making an assault on a military base. One would have thought it was a fox hunt rather than an attack on armed soldiers. He wondered ideally if the servants would be joining the attack to serve as metaphoric beaters. Pamela arrived and took a place next to Edward looking a bit flustered and waving her hand on her face. “I thought people would never get here. And apparently few people know the meaning of ‘informal attire’.”
Edward chuckled, flagged a passing servant and handed Pamela a glass of champagne. He raised his saucer glass and said, “To the New Order, may it be the most successful party of the year.”
Pamela clinked her glass, “A New Order.” She sipped her champagne. “After your finish this glass, you should head to the fitting rooms. I have one more charge I need to meet.”
She presented her hand and Edward kissed it, “This has been a most enlightening two months and you have made it possible.”
Pamela took her hand back and finished her glass, “And you have exceeded expectations. Now I really must be going. Get in the line. They should have your measurements and uniform in place.”

He watched her meet another peer from Paddington – Clive Yarborough if he remembered correctly. As they talked, she seemed to follow the same routine that she had used with him. He finished his own champagne and joined the growing line of people going into a workshop. Many were people he had been working with at the airship factory. But these had been in training just as he had been and none were “working class”.

Author’s Note

I have been absent for a over a week. My problem is that I have a lot written, but not a lot typed. I have been trying to get the story done so I have been concentrating on writing. ALSO I make a major jump.  After I got Wynn out of the jail, I was stuck with what to do. To solve my problem, I jumped to the climax and continued writing.  So there are some major holes in the story line in my mind

  • Wynn getting trained up.
  • Wynn’s developing and conflicted relationship with Pamela
  • Planning the attack of  Mildenhall.

With each section, I’ll point out the holes I know of. If people have suggestions on how to fill these holes, I would greatly appreciate suggestions.


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