A Quiet Fight – A New Job

A New Job

Edward finished writing the letter using the hallway desk. The letter contained information about the number people involved in the New Order, their names, the numbers and types of weapons. And he included a recounting of Chester’s conversation and his goal to hand over power to Findley Brown and Winifred Stanhope. He folded the letter up carefully and sealed it with wax. He called the head man, “Nigel, I think we are getting low on whiskey.” Nigel started to protest. Edward put his hand up and then put the envelope in his coat pocket. “Do you remember that shop by the University? They have some fine options. If you could be there around 1PM, I’ve arranged the proprietor to save me a bottle of Balvenie.” He leaned in, patted the spot where the envelope was and whispered, “Jolene”
Nigel’s eyebrows raised. He then put his hands behind his back and said, “Now that you mention it, there are a number of good shops in that area. The inventory in the reception room is low. I’ll handle it myself.”
Edward smiled, “Of course Nigel, I trust you will handle all those matters with care.” He straightened his cuff and said, “I’ll take a cup of tea in the Library.”
Nigel bowed, “I’ll send Colleen up straight away.”
Edward enjoyed his cup of tea and a book on physics theory. At 12:30, Edward put on his jacket and hat. The weather sunny but still a bit chill. He walked to Hyde Park to make a circuit. As he rounded past Lancaster Gate, he saw Pamela Weymouth. He approached, “Miss Weymouth, what a pleasant surprise,” thinking it was neither a surprise or pleasant.
Pamela responded pleasantly, “Please call me Pamela. We will be doing so much together, formality seems superfluous. May I join you in a walk?”
Edward offered his hand to help her up, “Of course. I was planning on finishing up on the east side and then pop into the Savoy for a bit of luncheon. Will you at least let me buy you lunch?”
She took his hand and joined him in the brisk air and said, “I would be delighted.”
As they started walking at a more leisurely pace, Edward remarked, “I haven’t seen you here before.”
Pamela nodded and smiled, “I confess I was scheming to meet you. You walk this park quite regularly.”
Edward put his chin up, “Part of my treatment was a daily walk. I learned to enjoy the benefits of a stroll in the countryside. It clears the head and gets the blood moving.”
She eyed home over, “And keeps you very fit.”
Edward blushed, but kept walking. By a patch of blooming tulips, Pamela put her hand on Edward’s arm and said, panting, “I must rest for a moment. Some of us are not as used to the rigors of a daily walk.”
“My apologies.” He directed her to a bench and said, “Please have a seat. It is a lovely spot to catch our breath. The lunch will revive you, no doubt.”
Pamela took a breath, “No doubt.” She took a deeper breath and said more evenly, “We have a position for you, Edward. You will be working full time at Kimberly Airships. Among other things, we need you to learn operations of an airship.”
Edward frowned, “That is hardly my specialty.”
Pamela said, “We know. But you will be working closely with Harland Stanhope, the president of Kimberly Airships. Your position in society make you uniquely qualified for that. I expect he will call you to do some special work at times. So the position fits you stature and provides some interesting opportunities.”
Edward stared at the bed of tulips. Winifred had been incalculably cruel for the months that Smith had held him captive. While he was certain the Stanhope family was aware of the daughter’s sadistic nature, he doubted that Winifred discussed her debauchery with her family. He asked, “Why operations? Surely engine design or fuel experiments would fit my skills better.”
Pamela said, “The Order needs people we can trust to run airships. Pilots are easy enough, but we need someone who can keep the engines running and the bladders balanced. It is part of a larger goal we have.” She stopped and said nothing more.
Edward shrugged and said, “Well, best to be open to new things. And I will get to see the English country side.”
Pamela stood and offered her hand this time, “That and a great deal more, Edward. A Great deal more.” She said, “Now shall we take a short cut to the Savoy? I am positively famished.

Author’s Note

This was something of a transition chapter. I need to get Edward into a position to be part of the final attack scene.  I also intended him to spy so I needed him to spy a bit.  The original plan was to have a few more “spying” scenes  but the book is getting long and I want to finish it up.



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