A Quiet Fight – Travel to the Barracks


Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer

Travel to the Attack

With the additional 9 people, the group amounted to 15 people again. Chester wondered that 15 people would be able to take over the Headquarters of the British Army. However, a great deal was working in their favor: surprise, speed and the weapons. Everyone had practiced at night in the local parks. There were scorched trees abounding through out the London Botanical Gardens. They had avoided setting things on fire but there were definitely scorch marks. Tonight the attack would happen. The group met outside the Botanical Gardens.
Tecumsah Quanah, Suresh Rohan, and Nessa Boadicea appeared out of the gates of the park. All of them were dressed in dark clothes. Quanah said, “We will be taking you to the transportation. I do not know what the Dunstable group has said, but the ship is unlike anything you have seen. You will be staying in the hold of the ship. We have other crew and they are…private.” Chester saw Suresh snicker a little. You all have your weapons?” There was general agreement. “Suresh and Nessa will be staying by the ship during your attack. They will have one other weapon that operates differently. Its impact will be significant. If there is a door you wish to get through, tell one of them and they will take care of it.” He looked around and then said, “Follow me.”
The group followed the three tall beings into the Botanical Gardens. They came to an open field. The field looked clear except for an odd opening as if there was a door from nowhere to nowhere in the middle of the field. Chester could hear behind him, “What the hell?” and “We are in the middle of a field, where is the transportation?” Chester thought, you people are in for a big surprise. At the door, Chester could see illumination and the light seemed to hint at the ship they would enter. There was a smooth silver surface that seemed to shimmer around the opening. Tecumsah and the other two beings climbed up the stairs in the opening. Chester waited to take tail, but Cedric and Emily headed up. Bertram stopped at the entry and turned to Chester, “What am I getting into?”
“Honestly, chap I have no idea. What I do know is that I took this thing from Dunstable to here in about 15 minutes. I also know I have never seen the whole ship. Inside looks a bit like a warehouse but the lighting is …different.”
Chester heard a shout, “Hurry up, the barracks watch will be changing in an hour. If you want to catch the current shift without having the second shift there at the same time, we need to move…now.”
Chester chived the group up the ramp. In the hold, the reaction was expected. “Core” and “What the hell?” and “What is this?” To be fair, he had had the same reaction and more. Having been in here once, he could play the collected professional for once. He shouted, “Everyone find a hand hold. We should be there in just a moment. But landings can get bumpy.” He grabbed a loading strap as example. Others followed. The ship started moving and two people fell shouting oaths, “Bloody Hell…we could have walked!” Bertram said loudly, “Shut up, Digby. We are not walking into the middle of Wellington Barracks.” And as suddenly it started, it stopped.
Quanah, Rohan and Boadicea came down the stairs, each armed with a new weapon. The lights dimmed and Chester was momentarily blinded by the darkness. Boadicea spoke this time. “When that ramp opens, you will run to your designated targets. Right now, no one is aware of the ships presence anymore than you were in the park. We will keep lights low to keep the surprise. We will assist with hardened targets as needed but your leaders have defined the mission. Execute it.”
Bertie spoke, “We said it before. But it is real now. Spare no one. Once the shooting starts, we may have firepower but they have weapons. The longer we avoid a general quarters call, the more likely we will succeed. We will wait for up to 10 minutes while your eyes adjust.”


Author’s note

I have included an image of what the Uycarran ships might look like.  I am still writing so I haven’t had a chance to do any image work. I have a couple of other ship models I might use as well.   For those who are wondering, I am expecting the ships to have stealth technology.  This technology is good for hiding from primitive civilizations (like us) but would not fool more advanced technology if anyone bothered to look.  From a geography standpoint, Digby has a point – the Botanical Gardens is not that far from the Wellington Barracks. But Bertie is right, no one will simply walk into an army facility with arms without questions and shots fired.

I had a good writing weekend. I am almost at 33,000 word. However, that makes me far behind the schedule for finishing in 3 days (like 13,000 words behind). I will finish the story just because I have always had a problem finishing up.


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