The Omicron Matter – Fallout and Recoveries – Shopping for Necessities

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Fallout and Recoveries. Winifred Stanhope and Findley Brown have been settled into a local apartment. Alfred is off shopping for the things that will make that apartment habitable as well as food for meals.  He just so happens to go to “Kaum Goods and Services” to meet his needs.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

Would aliens know what a dead drop is? How does one pass notes when paper isn’t used?  All those spy novels I’ve read in the past simply fail me in these circumstances.

Friday we will finish this chapter. The next one is typed and edited. It is very long and may become multiple chapters.  I may also need to consider what is important

Thanks for you support. Look for more on Friday

Shopping for Necessities

The Guild Office had given Winifred and Brown suites at the local cultural liaison office. The purported reason was to succor wayward refugees. The façade amused and annoyed Alfred, but that was the way of such matters – appearances were to be kept. He scoffed at the idea that they would be paid to become cultural ambassadors from Earth. They were certainly no empathetic creatures to be pitied and paraded at parties, and yet that is what would be happening for the next couple months. It would take that long for the local office to get orders from the Guild home. The local wanted them close and Winifred was shrewd enough to demand money while they waited. Until she had a fashionable wardrobe and decent food, the local functionaries would get nothing. She revealed just enough to convince the local Guild Master he needed her information.  So they were housed at a local flat and paid as “cultural ambassadors.”  He returned to his former duties – shopping, tidying the apartment, and preparing meals. All of which drew him to this particular shop.

When he entered, he could see the Kaum Legit Clio Olo was working with another customer. The Kaum Legit flashed red and yellow briefly and then returned to a normal pale grey green. Kaum Legit must be poor poker players he thought. Alfred went to a station and began filling his order of goods. The Menanggung clerk attending him was jittery with nerves but managed to help Alfred complete an order despite shaky hands.  The clerk even suggested additional useful items.  Alfred wrapped up saying, “This has been remarkably easy. What is your name so that I can work with you again?”

The Menanggung replied, “Thlogh Ghu good sir.” He smoothed his hair a bit feeling a little more relaxed. “I am pleased you found my service acceptable.”

Alfred bowed and said, “Alfred Redman.”

Thlogh paused and then said, “Now I just need to get approval to accept your voucher.”

Alfred smiled broadly, “Of course you do.” He handed over the papers from the Guild office and a note underneath the papers.  The clerk eyes widened for a moment and said, “I will be a moment.”

Alfred shook his head. Right now, surprise and shock might be acceptable. He doubted the Guild suspected anything even if Winifred had her doubts. But as the nature of her knowledge became known, that would change.  The clerks of “Kaum Goods and Services” and Clio Olo had better get used to seeing him.  After a few moments the clerk returned saying, “Everything is in order Mr. Redman. Your next visit should be much smoother.”

Alfred rose and bowed slightly, “I am sure it will be,” and hoped the words were true.


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