A Quiet Fight – Escape


Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer


They saw no one on the trip to the roof. Once on the roof, Abigail and Wynn moved a crate to block the door. She pointed to the glider and said, “get a harness on.” She began to take off her clothes with no regard to Wynn. Wynn coughed a little. Abigail did not pause as she pulled off the undergarments, “Surely you’ve seen the female form, Mr. Waynard. Probably in several shapes.” She pulled on the tight pants.
Wynn responded, “Oh Aye…Just never anyone …I was familiar with.”
Abigail fastened the buttons on her jacket covering her chest. “Pity’s for you. I’ve always found friends the best.” She looked thoughtful, “Although the romp with Kaum Legit family was about as fun as you can imagine.”
Wynn stammered, “I didn’t know they…others…how?”
Abigail tapped his cheek with an open hand, “A lady doesn’t kiss and tell.” She worked over the harness tugging at buckles and nearly doubling him at times. She continued, “You have to know the Kaum Legit before they invite you to any …gatherings. They found my interest in other women more compatible with their own views.” She moved him to the glider and got him strapped in. Whistles started blowing in the yard. She said, “I guess they found Malcolm and Stiles.” She got into the frame of the glider and lifted the frame.
Wynn said, “This will just prove I am guilty.”
Abigail said, “They already think that…except for Monroe. And we need you more than she does.”
Wynn helped lift the frame, “Sergeant Harvey doesn’t think I did it. At least not the barracks part.”
Abigail said through teeth as she adjusted the frame, “How open minded of him.” The whistles were getting continuous and moving to the yard. “No time to practice. If we don’t get off this roof, we crash into the middle of yard. If you scream like a banshee, they will see us and follow us to our landing zone. Understood.”
Wynn nodded and then said, “Yep.”
“You ever cloud surf?”
Wynn’s eyes went wide, “Shit…crazy stuff.”
Abigail turned back and looked at him. He looked sheepish and said, “When business was slow, I may have tried once or twice.”
Abigail shook her head and pulled on her goggles, “Right. Just like that only the ground is only 50 feet away and we don’t have safety gear.”
Wynn grabbed the frame, “Makes this more of a thrill. Are we leaving or are you going to keep lecturing me until someone comes banging through the door.”
“Cheeky bastard.” She made a motion and said, “Run Wynn…Run I said.” The glider made an awkward hopping motion towards the edge. Then Abigail ignited the rocket booster in the back and the frame lurched forward. “Lift your damn feet you damned lunk.” Wynn lifted his feet and the glider seemed to loft a bit. Abigail lifted her and the glider cleared the roof wall and moved upward. There were whistles and shouts and pointing in their direction from the yard. She shouted, “Close your eyes or you will be as night blind as they will be.” Wynn squeezed his eyes shut. Abigail dropped a bright magnesium flare towards the yard. It burned with a brilliant white light as it slowly fell to the ground. Abigail twisted the glider hard to the right and pulled up. She used buildings as a screen while the light fell. The whistles and shouts became frustrated screams. There were occasional rapports of gunfire but nothing was in Abigail’s direction. She circled a bit over the Thames and then doubled back towards Hyde park. The noise of the yard faded behind them as they got over the trees of the park. After crossing the boundary of the park, she circled and began to descend. A meadow became the apparent landing spot and Abigail said, “Loosen your legs for a landing.” Wynn lowered his legs a little bit in an odd crouching position. As they approached the ground, Abigail pulled up the glider and they came to rest at a small awkward trot. Abigail finally stopped and said, “There…that is how it’s done.” She began to unsnap the restraints and pulling off the glider. Wynn followed suit and pushed the glider off with effort. Abigail said, “Help me with this beast. Our ride will be here in a moment.”
With a tired effort, Wynn folded the light cloth while Abigail quickly disassembled the frame into a collection of tubes. He was still wearing the harness and holding the cloth when the wagon rolled up. Stephanie smiled brightly, “You look better already.”
Wynn bowed and then almost fell over, “The sight of such loveliness makes my head light.”
Abigail snapped, “I’ll give you a quiet room back at the cafe.” She grabbed the wavering man and moved to the back of the dray wagon, “Wynn, you are in the back with me. And if one finger strays under the tarp, I will break it at the knuckle. Now get this moving before the bobbies guess I landed here.”
At the back, Wynn said, “You first.”
Abigail knelt and made a cup with her hands, “You nearly passed out from bowing and you still want to be the knight. You can save that shit for Stephanie. I say chivalry is a tool of the patriarchy to oppress women by perpetuating a myth of weakness. Use my boost or I will throw you in.” Stephanie giggled.
Wynn sighed and accepted help into the back of the wagon. Abigail laid the rods in the back next to Wynn and jumped into the back of the wagon. Wynn held onto the cloth from the glider. Abigail laid down in the back and Stephanie covered them over and then got the wagon moving just as whistles sounded in the distance.

Author’s Note

They escape via the glider.  Gliders can be done in tandem. I am not sure how much they can carry, but they can do tandem flights.  Wynn will need more recovery. He is running on adrenaline and that will eventually run out. Look for more on Friday.


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