A Quiet Fight – Getting to Wynn

Getting to Wynn

The uniform was hardly practical – the skirt and blouse were loose and would only help fleeing criminals. Victorians are not ready for women dressing as men. There was a set of keys with the parcel of clothes. The pain had passed from her foot, but she was still limping. She would pay dearly tomorrow for walking tonight, but needs must.

She saw her first guard, two floors down. She did not recognize him. She approached quickly and the guard said, “Hoy, what are you doing here?”
Abigail kept her head down, “I was told this was a short cut to the front gate.”
The guard relaxed, “Sorry poppet. You’ve been given a goose run. There’s just cells down this way.”
Abigail brought her hand with the syringe down hard on the man’s neck. He started and hissed, “That hurt, you…” and then he collapsed. She pulled out a flask and splashed a bit on his face and poured some in his mouth. She leaned over the unconscious man, “Poppet me, you ass. I’d break your fingers if that didn’t mess up our story.” She rummaged in his coat for a set of keys and headed down one of the side aisles. As she walked down the cell block she saw Roly Malcolm . Sergeant Malcolm  said, “Trouble, Stiles?” Abigail ignored the question and moved to open the cell door. Malcolm came up snapping, “What the hell are you doing? Ya’ ain’t supposed to open that one.”
Abigail ignored the question and shoved the door open. A weary Wynn Maynard looked at her with a grin and a weak thumbs up.
Roly Malcolmn grabbed her shoulder, “What the hell are you doing?”
Abigail spun around and smacked his face with the key ring. He fell and landed on his back with a whoosh. Abigail fell on with her knee in his gut and he screamed silently as his diaphragm seized in pain. Wynn came out and stared at the fallen gaoler. Abigail slapped Sergeant Malcolm and he wheezed. She said, “Stephanie says you should cripple him. Monroe says she can use him. I say it’s your choice but be fast. The desk nob will take the fall for the escape. You attacked a dutiful officer in the course of escaping. Monroe is going to bend him after this – if he’s useful.”
Wynn scratched his ragged beard. He knelt next to the wide eyed Sergeant Roly and said in a quiet snarl, “Lieutenant Monroe thinks you might be useful so you get to live.” He hit Roly’s face hard and there was a gush of blood from his nose and choked scream. “You tried to kill me. Your boss killed my friends.” He smashed Roly’s hand hard and there was a crack and another muffled scream. Other prisoners were waking up to the noise.
Abigail hissed, “Finish up. Wynn.Kill him or knock him out.”
Wynn leaned over, “you live tonight. Betray me or mine again and your widow will get pieces.” He smashed Malcolm’s face hard and Malcolm went limp. Abigail pulled Wynn up by the gaol garment and moved him towards the door.

Author’s Note

Wynn is finally out… sort of. Now Abby just has to get him out of the complex.  I am definately in a “Just in time” mode. Some of this was typed last night. I have written out considerably so now it is a matter of getting the typing caught up with my writing.


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