A Quiet Fight – Wynn in the Cell

In the Cell

As Wynn paced the cell, the spy hole opened. Sergeant Harvey spoke quietly. “I am going off shift. Detective Monroe told me to slip this into your cell. She also told me to let you know Roly and Stiles are on the shift tonight. Could you please not hurt them too much?” A parcel appeared in the serving door. “Then find the bastards who burned the barracks and finish them off.”
Wynn took the package and opened the set of clothes and hissed, “What? No shoes?”
The serving door closed and the sergeant said, “Cheeky ass.” Then he closed the spy eye.

Author’s Note

It is a very short entry especially after a break. I have been doing a lot of writing but not so much typing. As my backlog is almost gone, I guess I will need to spend some time typing.