A Quiet Fight – Messages Sent


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Messages Sent

When Abigail and Stephan returned to the warehouse, Simms was feeling very good. Stephan cut him down and sat him at a chair. Abigail handed Simms a glass of wine then finished the bottle between Stephan and herself. She asked, “Sorry about the hanging part Billy. Needed to make sure you stayed around until we got some answers.”
Billy took a drink of the wine, “Criminy this is good.” He smiled at Abigail, “Oh you did what you had to.” Stephan shook his head. Abigail began questioning but both participated. He was reluctant at first. People would hurt him. Abigail and Stephan persisted. Slowly the information came. He provided the names of the police he had bribed. He provided the leaders of the riot at the Shiny Boot. He provided details on what they were going to do at the Shiny Boot. Finally he provided the name of his current contact and supplier of orders – Richard Bowers. His wine glass was empty. Abigail took it away and set it in the bag. She pulled out two aprons and handed one to Stephan. Simms watched with a pleasant smile.
Abigail put rubber gloves on her hands, “I counted seven police, seven factory leads and Richard Bowers and the primary contact.” She snapped a glove. “That is more than 10”
Stephan said, “He has toes.” He put on his gloves with less panache.
Abigail held her chin looking at Simms who smiled and said nothing, “Fourteen people. Ten fingers. Two eyes, his ears, and his cock and balls. Fifteen packages.”
Stephan blanched, “Jesus Abigail…he’s right here.”
She pulled out the cleaver and began sharpening it. “Bowers helped with the Barracks.” She nodded to Simms, “Everyone needs to be scared off properly. We need to make sure even Bowers won’t have enough money to hire fools.”
Stephan said, “Your math is confusing me.”
Abigail scrapped the cleaver on the sharpener, “Simms parts go to the lackeys. Bowers gets the head.” She frowned at Simms, “Time to finish this. Hold his hand on the table.” Stephan held Simms hand in place easily until the cleaver came down.
The process seemed longer than the 20 minutes of chopping. Simms struggled after the first cut, but as he bled more and the pain grew worse, Simms eventually passed out. While it was the removal of his head that ended Simms’ life, death was hardly meaningful at that point. Ever efficient, Abigail placed the parts and head in a large bag filled with newsprint. She looked at the headless corpse clinically, “We’ll need to bring the wagon round tomorrow night and clean up this mess. Shouldn’t leave the table or the mess here.”
Stephan answered dully, “Right. No mess.”
Abigail hefted the bag, “Come along, Stephan. We have some parcels to deliver.”
Stephan gazed at the corpse one last time. He took off the apron and followed Abigail.

Three days later, Roly Malcolm received a parcel in the mail. Roly was at the police station so his wife opened. The children were excited to know what daddy had received in the mail. Fortunately, she had opened it in the kitchen out of sight of the children. That did not stop her scream. Inside were two eyes staring back. There was a note next to them saying, “Good to see you Roly. Billy Simms.”

The butler at the Richards residence accepted the strange box from the delivery person and gave a proper tip. He took it down to the the office and logged its reception. The box seemed unusually heavy. There was a small black stain on one crease. He used the knife and opened the box. The staid butler vomited immediately. The head of a man with no ears and no eyes stared back at him. Inside was a note, “Billy Sims sends his regards. Regrettably he has taken an indefinite leave due to severe head trauma. He will be unable to complete any further tasks in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Author’s Note

I may have stepped away from “young adult” with this section. But the goal of Abby and Stephan was to shock the New Order supporters.  I daresay they succeeded.  Things get rough from here on out.


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