A Quiet Fight -Wine and History


Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer

Wine and History

Stephan joined her closing the door on the whimpers of Billy Simms. “How long will it take?”
Abigail looked a watch, “20 minutes for him to relax. 45 for him to be cooperative.” She took a bottle out of wine out of the bag and handed Stephan two wine glasses.
Stephan snorted, “Have you been around Alice that long? I think we’ll need something stronger tonight.”
Abigail pulled the cork out with a grunt, “This is better to pass the time with.” She poured out the two glasses, “There is something stronger back at the cafe. We need to be clear headed.” She raised her glass, “May God forgive us.”
Stephan paused clinked the glass and took his drink. “Because I am not sure I can forgive myself.”
Abigail leaned on the rail next to the canal, “You can tell me about Wynn.”
Stephan sniffed the wine and took a second sip, “The French do know wine. Never had better in the galaxy.” He leaned on the rail and stared across the canal at the open rail yards, “Wynn showed up on my doorstep three years ago. He knew who we were at least by reputation. Seems he had been picked up after the Battle of Boyne as a young lad. It was a slow ship and you know the games FTL plays. Anyway he bounced from planet to planet until he ended up on a pirate tramp ship. He worked in the engine room for five years.”
“Damn. No wonder he says nothing about the past. He seems to nice for that lot.”
Stephan took a drink, “He probably was. Says he never went on the raids.” Stephan shrugged, “Don’t know if it is true. Don’t know that it isn’t. Don’t really care. At one of the stations, he jumped ship. He paid his way back here on another slow ship.”
“Broke and unknown and 200 years later.”
“Broke by galaxy standards but wealthy enough here.”
Abigail was quiet and then smirked,”Remember that pirate tramp that tried to take on Millicent’s ship.”
Stephan laughed, “Lord. Those idiots are probably still trying to get back to civilization.” Stephan took a drink and waved the glass. “Charles takes down their shields. Sean fires missiles in all be one of their engines. You park the ship right in front of that beat up piece of crap.”
Abigail laughed and leaned in, “Then Charles turns off their heat and we have a nice dinner.” She took a drink of wine. “We finally listen to their hail Millicent tells them we’ll be charging them their entire take to repair one of their engines and their life support system.”
Stephan said wistfully, “Easiest money we ever made.”
Abigail said, “She would have let them die if they said no.”
Stephan took a drink, “They were pirates. Probably killed dozens.”
“So they were.”
Stephan muttered, “Probably should have let them die.”
Abigail swirled her glass, “Probably.” She finished her glass and then topped both glasses off. “Drink up. Billy will be ready soon.”
Stephan looked at the glass and swirled it, took a drink and stared at the warehouse in silence.

Author’s Note

Wynn’s history has always been a bit of a mystery since his introduction. Stephan hid it from Jason and it was briefly mentioned later in the Recruiting Matter. We now finally clear up Wynn’s murky history and how he knows so much.

I am still on track to finish the book at the end of the month. Things are coming out slowly.


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