A Quiet Fight – A Moment at Night


Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer

A Moment at Night

Abigail and Stephan waited in an alleyway near Canon Street. At about 10 PM, Billy Sims walked by Richard Street looking a bit unsteady from his three pints at the Rope and Pulley. Stephan and Abigail approached quietly. Stephan quickly put a hood on his head; Abigail administered a shot and after a few moments of struggle and slurred protest, Billy Sims slumped into Stephan’s arms. Abigail whistled sharply. Stephan removed the hood and made like he was holding up a drunk friend. Stephanie pulled up a wagon. Stephan and Abigail pulled the unconscious Sims into the wagon. Stephanie snapped the reins and pulled away.
They went to Millicent’s old warehouse on Eagle Street off the Euston Canal. They unloaded the semiconscious Simms and pulled him into the warehouse. Stephan told Stephanie, “Head back to the cafe. We will make our way back by morning.”
Stephanie’s face hardened, “I want to watch. That man tried to kill Wynn at least three times and has dozens of other deaths on his hands.”
Stephan took her hands and put his head against them, “I know Steffy. But, please leave. I promise you he will pay.” He took a deep breath, “I have some things I’ve done that I am not proud of. What Abigail and I are going to do tonight will join that list. Please…please just do as I say this once.”
Stephanie’s eyes went wide. She pulled her hands away. She stammered, “I will wait for you to get back…I want to know what happened.” She snapped the reins and the wagon went away.
Abigail watched her leave, “We need to do this Stephan. We have to show them we can hurt them.”
Stephan mumbled as he walked into the warehouse, “Yeah. I know. I won’t sleep any easier knowing it.”
Abigail grabbed his arm as he walked by and said harshly, “On the contrary, I will sleep quite well tonight. I will not be safe in any world he wants.”
Inside the warehouse, Simms hung by his hands from an over head rail. His feet touched the ground just barely. Stephan threw a bucket of water on him, “Wakey Wakey.”
Simms sputtered and coughed and then realized his situation, “What the… just take my money dammit…I’ve got a wife and kids.”
Stephan smiled warmly and tapped him gently on the cheek with his hand, “So do we all. So do we all.” He moved back a bit and set the bucket down, “Now we have a few questions. The sooner we get the answers. The sooner this will all be over.”
“What do I know?” Simms asked in a high pitched voice.
Abigail rummaged in her bag and began preparing a syringe. Stephan pulled out a pad of paper, “Let’s start with who was outside the Shiny Boot two weeks ago when it burned down.”
Simms eyes got wide and looked around, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Abigail tapped the syringe to get the bubbles out. Stephan licked his finger and flipped to a new sheet, “I know… that was a big group. Let’s try a smaller group. Who are you paying off at Scotland Yard?”
Simms struggled trying to free the rope, “You’re crazy. I don’t know anything about payoffs or burning.”
Stephan sighed deeply, “Now Billy, we have good information that you took Darin Kipling’s orders and ran his errands. Sadly, he has passed on.” Stephan leaned forward, “now you are going to tell us who your new puppet master is.” He lightly tapped Simms’ cheek again and left his hand on Simms’ face.
Simms struggled more trying vainly to get away from the large, gentle hand. “I’m not telling you anything.”
Abigail came up with the syringe in one hand. She used her free hand to pinch Simms cheek and said in a singing voice, “They are so cute when they say that.” She slapped the cheek a bit hard and said, “We couldn’t trust your answers any way ducks.” She brought the syringe up to her eye and looked at it, “Time for enlightenment William Simms. We need to know everything.” She looked at Stephan, “This can go in his belly.”
Stephan quickly tore open Simms shirt, Abigail grabbed a fatty fold and injected the serum. Simms screamed, “Jesus that burns.”
Abigail cleaned the syringe and said, “Yes it does. I suppose I should keep a tin of sweets for when I use this stuff.” She snapped the case closed and smiled, “Don’t worry Billy. The burning passes quickly. Then you will feel warm all over. And you will probably be the nicest person you have ever been in your entire life.” She nodded to Stephan and moved to the warehouse door.

Author’s Note

The story takes a darker tone now. Earlier Stephan and Abigail agreed they needed to act on information. They will be acting tonight to disrupt the New Order.

Progress is slow. However, the goal is to finish the book by the end of February.


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