A Quiet Fight – Getting Information in Gaol

Getting Information in Gaol

That evening, Sergeant Roly Malcolm began the cell lock up. In a bit of peevishness, Wynn sat in his cell early and began reading a book. As Malcolm approached Wynn could hear him complaining, “Who the hell left a candle lit in that damn cell?” When Malcolm opened the cell, Wynn replied, “I did because I was reading. That is allowed unless things changed.”
Malcolm’s face paled and he whispered, “What the hell..you should be…”
Wynn rushed at the door, trapping Malcolm with his arms and whispered into Malcolm’s ear, “The word you’re looking for Roly, is dead.”
Malcolm gulped and whispered back, “Don’t know what you’re talkin ‘bout yar crazy Irish…” Then he straightened and said much louder, “Step back prisoner.”
Wynn moved back to his cot and stood with his hands behind his back. He smiled at Malcolm, “I won’t touch a hair on your head, Roly. Someone else will handle that outside.”
Malcolm frowned, “No way. You can’t”
Wynn made a rude sound, “Pbbt, communication can go both ways. Somebody had to let you know they wanted you dead. I’ve let my people know you tried.” He frowned and scratched his chin, “I would probably bring that truncheon of yours and a whistle tonight.”
Malcolm’s voice got higher as he pleaded, “You can’t do anything to me.”
Wynn smiled, “No? Maybe not. After all I am just an Irishman who doesn’t know anybody. Is that why I am in these cells?”
Malcolm swung his baton at Wynn. Wynn protected his head and collapsed to the floor. Malcolm kicked and beat Wynn, “Threaten me, will ya’ damn paddy? How’s that feel? Piece of shit should be in the sewers.” After a few minutes he stopped panting. Wynn groaned. Sergeant Malcolm spat on the floor, “you’ll be spending time in here tomorrow for threatening me.” Malcolm closed and locked the cell.
After a bit Wynn rolled up to an kneeling position and spat out some blood. “Core…not sure that was worth it.” He moved up to the desk and flipped on the music box and let it play for a moment. “Guards at night are a bitch here. They know how to kick a man when he’s down.” He closed the box and fell into the bed.

The next morning his cell did not open at the regular time. Sergeant Harvey stopped by, “Can’t let you out Wynn. Roly says you attacked him. Wynn stood up. He showed his arms which were purple with bruises. Harvey hissed, “Jesus… What’d you do? You look like you got bruises on your bruises.”
Wynn coughed a little and said, “Me back is colorful. Didn’t do anything…guess he didn’t like me still being around. Doesn’t take surprises well. ” He sat on the bed, “Stephanie and Abby should be around. Any chance they can get in?”
He looked around, “They are in the visitor’s cell. I’ll take you there after the rounds.” After he came back, he opened the door and led Wynn out. As they walked, Harvey said, “I’ve talked to Monroe. She says there things she can’t say. Says you murdered that toff. Also says that he and others were probably the ones who attacked the….”
Wynn put his finger up to mouth and hissed, “Not too loud.”
“Priggish bastards…nothing happening today.” He opened the cell door.
Wynn said quietly, “Watch your back Sergeant. Talking to Monroe might make you a target.” He moved into the cell with Stephanie and Abigail, “And now with your permission, guard. I am going going to get some water and a breakfast. I am sure there will be extra.”
Stephanie saw him and scowled, “I should’ve hit the bastard harder.” Wynn sputtered and coughed.
Abigail smiled proudly, “The girls went along. She and Kimberly.”
“And you?”
Abigail waved her hand dramatically, “Heaven’s no. I haven’t had a decent night with Alice since you lot arrived. Stephan and Jolene took care of Athena while Alice and I had our night.”
Stephanie handed Wynn a sausage and said, “Tell that fat bastard I find his taste in underwear appalling. Blue? Who wears blue underwear? And tell him, if he doesn’t cough up that name, I will cut off his balls and serve them to him.”
Wynn looked at Abigail, “Three years I work with her. The worst threat I get is being sent back to the dishes.”
Abigail watched as Stephanie cleaned up Wynn’s cuts with a wash cloth, “Oh…sometimes people get protective. Never know when it is going happen.”
Wynn took a long drink of water and winced as Stephanie cleaned a cut. He looked at Abigail through narrow eyes. “If he gives that name, something has to happen.”
Abigail started clearing dishes. “Stephan and I know that. I’ve got something to help get more information. We will get to the ring leaders before we finish.”

Author’s Note

This finishes the current scene in the Gaol.  Abigail and Stephan will take over in the next chapter.

I have started writing the climax scene. Things are moving along in that chapter.