A Quiet Fight – Breakfast in Gaol

Breakfast in Gaol

Stephanie and Abigail were in the visitor room with a basket full of savory items. Abigail set a plate in front of him and put three large banger sausage. Dispensing with propriety Wynn ate one of the sausage quickly. The headache pain eased. He washed the sausage down with a bit of apple juice and began a second. Abigail said to Stephanie, “Get a pitcher of water. Watch the guard pour it.”
Wynn took some more juice and then a bit of bread.”Oh that is sweet tasting.”
Abigail looked him and checked his eyes, “How do you feel?”
Wynn brushed away the hand and said, “Aside from the fading headache and the green piss? Just lovely.”
Abigail seated herself, “Green? Not cyanide then. Probably hemlock or wolfs bane. Fast, quiet.” She looked at him, “I am always amazed at those little machines.”
Stephanie returned with the water, “Little machines?”
Wynn stuffed another sausage in his mouth so Abigail answered, “Nanites. You have them. They are tiny machines that Millicent injected into us. They any number of bad things – disease, repair damage.” She paused and said, “And apparently deal with poison. I am allowing his atrocious manners right now because he needs protein and liquids. When the little machines work hard, they use the body as a resource. He needs to replenish some parts.”
Having finished the third banger, Wynn wiped his mouth, “I have a source in here, but I need a bit of help.” Wynn explained Thomas’ troubles.
Abigail gritted her teeth, “I hate this place sometimes.” She straightened up, “I know a solicitor versed in such matters. It may take a day or two, but I’ll get him out.”
Abigail said, “What about your man?”
“Aristocrat. Family is keeping him here as punishment. I guess they hope he sees the error of his ways. I am hoping he knows society.” He leaned forward, “Let me know when you make progress.”
Stephanie asked, “What about the guard who tried to poison you?”
Abigail smiled, “Oh I’d give a pretty penny to see his face tonight.”
Wynn cracked his knuckles, “I was hoping you would pay Sergeant Roly Malcolm a visit tonight and send my regards.”
Stephanie growled, “We’d love to.”
Wynn smiled, “Aye good lass. Roly doesn’t worry me. But the toffs in here do. If Roly doesn’t finish the job, you can bet one of those fools will try to finish it. If you could send DC Monroe for a chit chat, I’d appreciate it.”
Abigail nodded and handed Wynn an orange, “Prevents the scurvy.”

Author’s note

This is a short section. Monday will have a much larger section and close out the scene.  I like Thomas and his Rupert. It made good conversation. Unfortunately I am running out of time so I am not sure if I will be able to do much with him. I am still working on getting to the climax, so one never knows.



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