A Quiet Fight – Meeting with Authorities


Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer

Understanding Weapons

Stephan and Abigail brought a beam pistol, a beam rifle, and an induction rifle. They were well hidden in blanket bundles. The three people were in long coats and work hats and mufflers to hide faces in the cool moist air. The subway took them most of the way there. They walked the rest. The police officer said, “You do not seem to be afraid of thugs and bandits.”
Abigail looked away. Stephan answered, “Abby and I both have been trained in hand to hand combat. Any crook or crooks unfortunate enough to attack us will waking tomorrow in Stepney without their clothes.”
Abigail muttered, “They’d be missing more except Stephan is a softy.”
The trio arrived at Battersea Park and headed in and towards the river. There, they showed DC Monroe each of the weapons. They demonstrated the pistol by lighting up a small fire of wood. They demonstrated the beam rifle by heating a rock to the point that it glowed. Monroe exclaimed, “Jesus save us. You are saying they used these to light the fires?”
Stephan said, “And shoot the soldiers. The beams are accurate, fast and, at a high enough power, kill quickly.”
Monroe said, “But not cause the holes.”
Abigail hefted the induction rifle, “Something like this caused that.”
Monroe said, “That’s just a rifle.”
Abigail rolled her eyes at Stephan, “That’s just a rifle she says.”
“Abby, be civil. Tell me you weren’t surprised when you watched one of these things work.”
Abigail said, “Damn near jumped out of my suit.” She pointed it at the rock that still glowed a bit from the beam. It was almost 150 yards away. “You might want to get behind something.” Stephan got behind a tree. Monroe had questions but got behind a concrete barrier next to Abigail. Abigail pressed the button and the rock exploded into thousands of glowing fragments. Most of those ricocheted away. A few shot back in their direction and hit trees and leaves like they were bullets.
Monroe exclaimed again, “Fuck me…What the hell is that thing?”
Abigail slung it on her back and said, “It is called an induction rifle. The shot from the rifle is silent. The impact is not. We should probably go or you will have to explain us.” The three dusted themselves off and took a different exit out the park. Abigail asked as they walked, “I tried this once before with another group. Can you explain anything you have seen by technology we have?”
Monroe struggled to keep up, “No dammit. Beams that cause fires. Bullets that act like cannon balls…or worse. None of it makes sense.”
Stephan said, “The first thing you and your inspector will need to do is reread those statements believing everything those soldiers said. It is probably true.”
Monroe panted, “But what the hell is it?”
Abigail said patiently, slowing down once they had turned the corner for the subway, “We didn’t make it. Do you think anyone in the world can make it?”
Monroe stopped on the street and breathed in, “No…if they could they would rule the world.”
Abigail said, “We didn’t make. Nobody in the world can make them. So where did it come from?”
Monroe stood and stretched, “These didn’t just appear. They had to come from somewhere.”
Abigail leaned against the wall and looked at her. She signaled to Stephan to be silent. He leaned on a light post.
Abigail said quietly, “They didn’t come from here.”
Monroe snapped, “I get it. Not here. Where?”
Abigail looked at the weapon and looked at the cloudy sky, “Too cloudy to point out the star.” She looked at Stephan, “Menuggug?”
He rolled his eyes, “Abigail is is being obtuse. The weapons are not from earth.”
Monroe sputtered, “What do you mean ‘not from earth’?”
Abigail stormed to the underground station, “I knew this was a mistake.”
Stephan stepped in front of her, “Finish what you started.” Then turned her around at the staring young woman.
Abigail said, “The weapons come from a different planet. A different race. We think one of those races is selling the weapons to humans.”
Monroe grabbed her forehead, “None of this makes sense. Some strangers from a far away star came here to sell weapons?”
Stephan looked at his fingernails, “That is about it.”
Monroe laughed, “That is absurd. You’re mad.”
Stephan hefted his beam rifle, “Is this absurd?” He gestured to the underground station. “Come back to the cafe. We have useful information for you. More concrete.” He shrugged, “You’ve only lost some time.”
Monroe muttered, “There has to be an explanation.”
Abigail said to Stephan as the moved on, “She sounds like you.”
Stephan chuckled, “I was a simple blacksmith.”
Abigail laughed a sharp “Ha…simple my…” And the train arrived.
Monroe stared at them. “So are you from …out there.”
Stephan laughed and took on a strong York shire brogue, “Nay lass, I’m a country smith from Richmond.”
Abigail snorted, “He makes the finest ale the south of England and only serves it out of a tiny pub in Dunstable.”
Monroe stared at her, “And you Abigail Monroe. Where are you from?”
Abigail closed her eyes, “I’m a pub girl from Manchester. Went off to the big city to study letters and numbers and got lost.”
Monroe said, “My Grandmother talked about a lost sister.” She paused and said, “Abigail was her name. Said Abby had gone off to find her fortune and wouldn’t be coming back.”
Abigail opened her eyes, “Well maybe her sister found her fortune.” She looked over Beatrice Monroe. “What does your family think of your job?”
Monroe looked to the side and crossed her arms, “Says it’s too dangerous for a woman. That no man will come near me wearing breeches and shouting orders.” She looked back at Abigail, “Are you the lost sister?”
Abigail leaned forward and said, “If you’re asking that question, the whole ‘things from another world’ must seem pretty acceptable.”

Author’s Note

Beatrice gets a demonstration of weapons and then an explanation of Abigail.  A question we can ask is how we would react to hyper advanced technology. How would we react to real transporters and real replicators and real warp drives?  Are we advanced enough to accept them?

With a week off and nothing scheduled, I am finally making some good progress again. The heat is off in the house so we are having fires which also makes for good writing time.  Look for more on Friday.


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