A Quiet Fight – Attack on the Bar


Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer

Inside the Pig and Cow

Stephan pulled Wynn in and Jolene slammed the heavy oak door behind him. Stephan said, “Get into my office!”
Jolene said calmly, “No. Get him up on the long table. I’ll bandage him and you’ll tell me what is going on.”
Stephan loaded Wynn onto the long table and Wynn grunted at the banging around. He was shivering now. Stephan said in a pleading voice, “Please go back into the office. They will be coming soon.”
Jolene had some water and a towel. “Edward doesn’t know how to fight a gun battle. Wynn here does but he can’t move.” She toweled off the wound and Wynn yelped. “So you’ve got me one of the other ladies.” She took the towel off and soaked it in the hot water and walked away…tapping Stephan’s cheek lightly, “The world’s changed a bit. And I was shooting when I was a child.”
Stephan grabbed her arm, “You shouldn’t have been out there.”
She pulled her arm away and said, “If I hadn’t have been out there, you would be dead.” She tied the towel around Wynn’s leg.
Wynn groaned, “She has you there, Stephan. I’m willing to be a good pound that Stephanie is a decent shot.”
Stephan spun around to Wynn. “Stay out of this.”
Wynn coughed and laughed, “A little late for that. Besides.” He pointed to the door.
Stephanie was holding the hand beam pistol that Edward was supposed to be using. She said, “Move him to the office. Mum and I will hold slow things a bit.”
The windows in the pub shattered inward and a wave of heat came across the room.

Outside the Pig and Cow

Nessa held the rifle in place as the beam moved across the pub entrance. The door was a solid wood, but the pane glass quickly shattered under the intense heat. Tecumsah was straightening up after taking two shots to the torso. She could see he was in real pain. His beam joined hers and washed across the pub. Some of the gang was slowly returning but was staying at a cautious distance. Nessa had dispatched Sims and Michaelson to Suresh. Suresh was probably just dazed but would need some help. Her beam gun was starting to flash red. Her charge was getting low. But the wood inside the pub was finally beginning to ignite. Things were finally beginning to happen as they should. Her gun sputtered and then stopped. She banged it a bit knowing it wouldn’t make a difference. And then she felt a hot knife cut across her leg and collapsed.

Inside the Pig and Cow

When the heat washed over the room, Stephan pulled Jolene down. Stephanie managed to get over to Wynn and pull him on the floor. Items in the room started catching on fire on one side or another. Whoever was wielding the beams was sweeping the room. They would eventually run out, but not before his bar; Jolene’s and his bar was an inferno. He shouted, “Get him to the back room.”
Jolene shouted back, “Not without you.”
“Go, I will be there in a moment.”
Jolene and Stephanie pulled Wynn through the double doors. The fire was getting stronger. His long bar with is ornately cut wood and granite slab was providing protection from the beams directly, but around him he could hear tables and chairs igniting and once a beam splashed across the back of the bar. Bottles of alcohol exploded and burst into a flaming liquid. He rolled on the floor of glass putting out small patches of fire. Then the firing seemed to slow. Jolene came back through the double doors and came up next to him. He was about to tell her to go away when she fired her own Snider-Enfield rifle and shouted, “Take that you bitch. Burn my house and see what happens.” Jolene broke the gun open and loaded another cartridge. Without looking at Stephan she said, “Everyone else is in the office. I am not leaving without you.”

Outside the Pig and Cow

Michaelson and Sims came trotting up with Suresh limping behind. His headscarf was gone revealing a long black hair. The pub was now fully engulfed in flames. Simms looked at the inferno, “Sweet Jesus, I thought you was just going to shoot it up a bit.”
Nessa grunted as she held her leg, “And I thought we were just going to demonstrate how the beam weapons work. If I had been expecting a fight, I would have worn some armor.”
Michaelson gulped and said, “A few of them came back once you started going forward. They see what the weapons can do.
Tecumsah, spat on the ground, “If that is your army, this is a waste of my time.”
The sound of police whistles started approaching. Behind them was the clanging of the fire brigade. Simms cursed, “Shit the bobbies. We need to get out of here.”
Tecumsah looked at Suresh. Suresh shrugged and said, “Maybe our partners need a bit of motivation. It is already messy.”
Tecumsah smiled and nodded. Suresh pulled out his own beam gun and aimed down the street.
Michaels waved his hands, “What the hell are you doing? That’s bobbies. Police.”
Tecumsah aimed down the street, “So …Cedric…we are about to take people for slaves and steal treasures. You are worried about the police?”
Michaelson put his hands on his head and said, “They’ll chase us harder. I thought you wanted some place to hide and do all that.”
Tecumsah snapped, “Choose Cedric or Chester. Do you supply your army of simpletons or do you keep hiding in the back of the bars?”
Michealson choked unintelligibly. Simms looked at his friend and then at Tecumsah and said, “In for penny, in for a pound. We can’t stay here anyway. Shoot ‘em”
Tecumsah and Suresh fired. Three policemen fell to the ground with smoking holes in their chest.

Inside the Pig and Cow

Edward sat with his back to a wall in the crowded and cluttered office. Stephan had ordered them all into the Office despite the building’s imminent demise. After Jolene had managed to pull Stephan into the room. He pressed a button and a steel roll front came down in front of the door. Wynn occupied the workbench and Kimberly was binding his vicious leg wound. Stephanie sat against the wall by herself. She looked at Edward and patted the spot next to her. She closed her eyes as he sat down. She said, “I’ve never been so scared.”
Edward rubbed his face, “You hid it well, unlike me.”
Stephanie smiled gently, “You haven’t fired a gun. Learning during a fight is not smart.”
Edward laughed hoarsely, “No…the last weapon I wielded was a cricket bat and it didn’t end well.”
Stephanie laughed hard and wiped her eyes end, “I shall never see you with a cricket bat the same way. Oh God, I needed that.”
Edward leaned back and closed his eyes said, “I am not sure I will see me with a cricket bat the same way.”
Stephanie leaned in saying, “Do tell. I think we have time.”
Edward shrugged, “Millicent and her gang rescued Eleanor Woodson from John Smith.”
Stephanie said, “She was the tall African woman.”
Edward smirked, “She is as English as meat pies and tea. But I think her family came from Jamaica. Anyway, I was held captive as well. Smith had a way to make one …do things. I was resisting but it was getting harder. Once Millicent’s attack began, I did my part bopping someone with a cricket bat.
Stephanie patted his knee, “That seems rather brave.”
Edward sighed, “I suppose it was until they knocked me out and drug me off to Penzance. But my lot in these things seems to be to give others their chance to save the day. My little distraction gave Jason a chance to get on his feet and hold the front door while the real action happened in the basement.” There was a loud crash as something outside crashed onto the ceiling. Everyone jumped. “I hope your father knew what he was doing when he made this.”
Stephanie looked at the ceiling apprehensively, “I don’t know anything about this office.”
Edward looked around the office and its collections of gadgets. “I know a little bit about some of the devices, but not much.”
There were more loud noises causing Edward and others to start. Stephan spoke up this time. His voice was tired, “This room is safe. It will stand after the build burns.” Edward could see Stephan’s eyes were teary, “We’ll survive. You’re safe.” His voice got hoarse, “That’s what’s important.” Stephan moved around the table to a storage bin and opened it up. “Don’t mind the noise. We’ll hole up here for a while. Here’s some water and food.” He looked up at the ceiling and sighed, “I supposed it will be safe when the noise stops or someone tries to open the door.”
Wynn groaned, “Stephan…I’m sorry I brought this.”
Stephan growled, “Don’t flatter yourself. I heard Chester Simms and Cedric Michaelson. I expect they have a hand in this. ” He sat down and sighed, “What I don’t get is why Uycarran’s care.” There was more crashing on the ceiling. “Try to rest. We’ll get out eventually.”
Edward leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. Stephanie did the same and slumped a bit on his shoulders.

Author’s Note

I included the last of this scene just so you would see how the action turned out.  Dialog comes easier for me, but I am working on action sequence.  I have included a link to Edward’s adventure with the cricket bat. It was a fun sequence from the Recruiting Matter.

I probably need to spend some time in my character sheets and build motivation. Last night I got a good bit of writing done. But that was because I spent the first 45 minutes researching the scene and the layout. Then the writing flowed.  Because I do not have as much planned out or I do not have time to plan it out, writing is harder.

Look for more tomorrow.


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