A Quite Fight – Attack


Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer


Cedric winced as Ronnie beat Old Man Dent unconscious with a vicious kick to the head. Nessa had dispatched the verbose Alan Buntin with a single blow. Looking at the broken man, Cedric wasn’t sure Alan would wake up. Cedric muttered, “So much for quiet.”
Tecumsah said, “They were alerting our target to our position.”
Cedric said acidly, “They were drunks that could have been talking to a dog.” He waved it away. “No matter. I’ve brought you an audience. Impress us.”
Nessa hissed, “Two are coming up the street. They looked armed.”
Cedric pinched his nose bridge. Tecumsah made a hand signal. Suresh jumped impossibly high onto the fire escape and clambered up to the roof. He then turned to face Cedric, “You’ll get your show.” He looked back at the motley group. Ronnie was panting a little from his exertions. Tecumsah said, “You might want to stay in here. It will be safer.” Then he sneered, “But it will be hard to see anything.” He then signaled to Nessa and the two of the moved out onto the road on either side and looked down the street.
Tecumsah shouted, “Turn around and you might live.”
Cedric and Chester stood to one side as their ragged gang rushed out onto the street. Chester muttered, “Idiots can’t take advice.”

Main Street

Two tall figures walked out into the road. The man shouted “Turn around and you might live”
Wynn said, “Look Uycarran to me. Maybe we can work a deal.”
Stephan said, “Yeah…Uycarran. I think they already have a deal.” A group of normal size humans walked out onto the road. Stephan recognized a couple of them. Stephan shouted at one “Emily? You’re smarter than that lot.”
Ronnie <> shouted back, “Who you callin’ dumb”
Emily shouted on her own, “Stephan your are out matched. Listen the surly tall man. Turn around and you live to see another day.”
Stephan hissed, “Set it low. Take out the halfwits first.” Wynn nodded and adjusted his rifle. Stephan said, “Emily, you don’t know what your dealing with. Take your friends and leave and you won’t get hurt.”
Tecumsah snarled, “I gave you warning” and fired the gun towards Stephan.
Stephan leapt to one side as the beam hissed where it touched the wet cobbles.
Wynn aimed his rifle at the crowd in the back and they began to drop as the beam scorched legs, clothes and arms. Stephan climbed into an alcove and added his shots to the chaos. The gang was beginning to disperse.
The woman aimed her gun at Wynn. He was well protected by a stairwell but lowered his gun. Stephan aimed his gun at the woman. There was a clear hit but she only winced. The man ranged his gun at Stephan and drove Stephen back into his own cover.
Wynn fired at the man and Stephan looked down the street to see two new figures.
Cedric Michaelson shouted, “Miller, you really should have turned around when you had the chance. You might not live to see your pub burn at this rate.”

Main Street

Nessa aimed her gun at the annoying human on the right. Tecumsah had said not to bring the induction projectiles. She was regretting his caution now. Her suit had absorbed some of the heat. The humans were not using their guns at full capacity. That was good. What was bad was they Tecumsah and she would drain theirs first. Tecumsah and she would be pinned down except for Suresh. She looked up and waved at him and pointed to her target and signaled. Apparently the large human on the left saw the plan and shouted.
“Wynn…look up.” Suresh fired and her target human screamed.

Main Street

Wynn cringed as he looked at the charred flesh visible on his leg. Stephan’s warning had given him a chance to duck under the stairs. But the beam hit his leg. He shouted to Stephan, “I’m hit. My leg. Still here but won’t be working the stills for a bit.” He grunted a bit.
Stephan fired his gun at the woman again. “I’m thinking a vacation is due after tonight anyway. Work your way back to the pub. I’ve got a trick or two left.”
Wynn crawled along the base of the buildings trying to stay below trees and bushes. The man on the room caught sight of something and a bush behind him burst into flames. At least that would night blind Wynn’s predator. He got near the pub and looked back. Stephan tossed a canister up onto the roof with Wynn’s tormentor. Wynn covered his eyes. There was a loud bang, a bright flash and a curse in a strange language. Wynn hobbled to the Pig and Cow as fast as his burnt leg could.

Main Street

Tecumsah blinked away the spots from the flash bang grenade. As he did, he felt a blaze across his chest and he knelt in response. Nessa grabbed his collar and pulled him to the safety of an alcove. Chester and Cedric were in their own alcove across the street. They had started firing the one hand beam gun they had plus a local revolver. Tecumsah shook himself and stood and then shouted, “You told me there would not be any resistance. We’re fighting beam weapons Mr. Michaelson.”
Cedric’s eyes were wide with fear. “I didn’t know. He was just an annoying brewer. He banished Chester and me from his pub.”
Chester fired his revolver. “What about the others.”
Nessa snarled, “A few minor burns. Scars to teach them to stay out of the way.” She said in galactic to Tecumsah, <I told you to bring an induction rifle.>
Tecumsah rubbed his belly and said, “In Suresh’s words, it would be messy.” He stood up and looked to the roof. Suresh was probably out for a bit. He could see the man on the right scrambling for the corner pub. The man on the left was slowly retreating in the same direction. Tecumsah shouted at the two humans cowering in the alcove door, “Pin the big one to this side of the street. Nessa with me.” Chester and Cedric intensified their fire at the big man who ducked into a door way. Tecumsah and Nessa sprinted to the right side. Tecumsah had a clearer shot at the big man. He took aim when he heard a woman’s voice say, “Stephan Miller get your ass in the pub now or I will make you pay for the rest of your natural life.” He felt a streak of hot pain in his side and Nessa screeched as they both were hit.

Author’s Note

This is the first of two entries I will have for a battle outside of Stephan’s pub. Writing action sequences are a challenge. One needs to keep moving forward but keep the reader informed.  My word count is at 12,600. Which means I am a bit behind. But I am hoping to get a bit caught up today and tomorrow.


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