A Quiet Fight – Secrecy

Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com - Steam punk vintage computer

Fabio Freitas E Silva | Dreamstime.com – Steam punk vintage computer


After signing off, Stephen went to a metal safe. He dialed the combination and opened the heavy metal door. Inside were several shining weapons. He sighed heavily. He closed the door but left it unlocked. He went out to the kitchen and pointed to Edward and said, “Get Wynn.”
Jolene put a knife across Edwards chest and said, “You are working.” Jolene glared at Stephan.
Stephan pleaded, “Jolene, something has come up. It will take a few minutes and I won’t take him again.”
Jolene snapped, “What has come up? Stephan Miller. I know quite a bit more now.”
“Please Jolene. It is probably nothing. But I need the lads. I will try to explain later.”
She took the knife away from Edward and started chopping the carrots with a rapid chopping motion and said, “You will explain it later.”
Edward rushed off to retrieve Wynn. Jolene said, “I thought there weren’t going to be secrets anymore.”
Stephan put his hands on his head, “I spent 25 years with those secrets Jolene. And I still don’t know what is ok to say.”
“But you tell Edward and Wynn.”
“It’s different.”
Edward and Wynn came in as Jolene snapped, “Stephan Miller, you’re damn right it is different. I am your wife.”
Stephan threw up his hands, groaned and headed to his office shouting, “Follow.” Edward and Wynn followed and looked away sheepishly from Jolene’s glaring eyes.
When they got in the office, Wynn ventured, “I am no great expert on relations but I think you and Jolene might need a good sit down.”
Stephan snarled, “You’re right. You are no expert on relations.” Stephan pulled the heavy door open to the safe.
He pulled out two and handed them to Edward and Wynn. Edward stared at the pistolI. Wynn looked at it and examined it and asked, “Charged?”
“I’ve checked them once a month since Millicent left.”
Edward held it with two fingers. “What am I supposed to do with this?”
Wynn looked at Stephan and raised an eyebrow. Stephan sighed and waved at Wynn. Wynn took Edwards and wrapped it around the grip. “Hold it like this. When it is on, you press this button at bad people.”
Edward looked at it and said, “What happens to the bad people?”
Wynn shrugged, “If you’re lucky, they aren’t bad anymore.” Stephan choked a laugh. Wynn said, “The toy is best for him. I don’t suppose you have anything bigger?”
“That you can hide? No.”
Wynn slipped off his apron and said, “Can I stash it?”
Stephan pursed his lips and then pulled out a larger rifle. Wynn took it expertly and sighted it, “Much better. I always liked this model. Rapid fire. Light charge ratio.” He held out his hand, “spare battery packs?”
Stephan muttered and handed him two. “Try not to blow up the park statues.”
Wynn stashed the cylinders into a hidden pocket in a vest and wrapped the rifle up in the apron. “You don’t think the visitors are friendly.”
Stephan pulled out a pistol and put it his pants. He took a rifle and wrapped it in his own apron. “I think three ships is more than a friendly visit.” He looked at them. “Keep these close. Only use ‘em if you have to.”
Wynn smacked Edward on the shoulder, “come along Guv’ we’ll have target practice tomorrow in the woods. I think Mr. Miller needs to discuss matters with his wife.”
They left the room. Wynn would be solid. Stephan hoped Edward would figure out which side worked when the time came. He poured himself a whiskey and sat in his chair, the apron covered rifle on his lap.
Jolene came in and looked at him. She got a class plopped it on the desk and sat down. Stephan pursed his lip and then smiled. He poured out a large portion and then raised his glass. Jolene took a sip and wrinkled her nose. “Whew. Never know how you drink this stuff.” She set the glass down. “So what is going on.”
Stephan looked at her and then looked at the table, “Wynn detected three ships with the new drives in the area.”
Jolene smelled the whiskey and set it down again. “Why couldn’t you tell me? Why bring Edward in instead of me?”
Stephan rubbed his face and put his hands on the table, “Old habits I suppose. Edward spent near on six months with Smith and his ship. Telling him about visitors from other planets wasn’t telling him anything he didn’t already know.”
Jolene’s face darkened, “I accepted your secrets for 25 years, Stephan. I thought we got past that last year.” She waved her hands around, “I am a cook. What could you possibly tell me that would influence the world? A new way to braise pork?” She got up and leaned on the table, “You have got to start telling me things, Stephan.”
Stephan leaned back, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”
Jolene’s face fell and looked a bit sad, “Well you failed on that part.” She turned and headed out. As she left without turning she said, “Don’t think I don’t know about the boys toys or that thing on your lap. You think trouble is coming, but you don’t tell me; you don’t trust me to be quiet. You arm boys but you don’t let me defend you or myself. Apparently I can’t be trusted not to hurt myself.”
Stephan shouted, “Jolene…”
Jolene put up a hand as she left saying, “Save it. I’ve got some knives to sharpen.” She slammed the door as she left.

Author’s note

I had a good weekend of writing and almost finished a long fight scene.  I have 8800 words at this point.  I am a little behind according to the schedule.  I am having a bit of a problem because this isn’t as well planned out. I have major points, but specific scenes are not planned out and I have definitely had some continuity and historical believablity  issues to work out.   My next big challenge will be getting to a climax.

If you are writing in Nanowritmo, let me know if you have samples.


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