A Quiet Fight – Meeting at a bar


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Meeting at a bar

Tecumsah Quanah frowned as water dripped off his hat. Miserable wet planet. They walked on dirty cobbled streets swimming with filth from the horses and poor sewage treatment. How the Guild was afraid of this planet baffled him. He, Nessa Boadicea and Suresh Aditya had arrived yesterday. Blending in was less of a problem than expected. The primary difference between humans and Uycarrans being height.
Next to him Suresh carried some absurd device that kept the rain off. Suresh said, “I remember these things when I was young. They call them umbrellas here.”
Tecumsah grumbled, “We are here to set up a trade post.”
Suresh wagged his finger, “Ahh. Ahh. We are here to annoy John Smith and Millicent Morgaine. If we make money, so much the better.”
Nessa rumbled, “Right now we get out of the rain. O’Doul’s is up ahead. Brown said we would see them there.”
The three opened the door and came into the pub. Conversation quickly quieted. The barkeep looked at them and cleaned a glass. “You’re new here.”
Suresh smiled, closed the umbrella and shook it. “Travelers passing through.”
The barkeep smiled thinly, “Well you can keep on passing. We don’t serve your type. Your friends can stay but you can head on down to the Pig and Cow. They serve anyone.”
Someone shouted “Anyone ‘cept Cedric and Chester that is…ow.”
Tecumsah growled at the comment, but Suresh moved forward and muttered to Nessa, “Keep him civil for the moment.” He approached the bar and hung his umbrella on his arm.
“I said I don’t serve your type.” And nodded to a man next to Suresh. The man grabbed Suresh’s arm. Tecumsah moved, but Nessa held him in place and whispered, “Suresh could crush him. Let it play out.”
Suresh towered over the man in height and smiled at the man who seemed less certain after he grabbed the stiff arm. Suresh pulled out a wallet with a large number of bills. “We’re travelers passing in need of lodging and information.” He pulled out a guinea. “This to the person who points out Cedric and Chester…or they can come up and claim it.” The man holding his arm was reaching for it when the bar keep grabbed at it. Suresh snatched it away and said, “We can stay and talk?”
“For a guinea I’ll serve you drinks.”
“We understand each other then.” And handed the barkeep the bill. Suresh leaned forward and whispered something in the man’s ear and he paled. The barkeep nodded to a table with two well dressed humans sitting at the table drinking. Suresh gestured to the table. Tecumsah shook off Nessa and muttered, “My way would have been quicker.”
Suresh said, “And messier. And we might want these people for help. I’ve settled accounts with barkeep. The drinks will come and I won’t hurt his business.”
The three stood at the table. Two men sat at the table. Both seemed short, but most humans did to Tecumsah. One was thin, wore dull colored clothes that were probably working clothes. The other was broader to the point of a bit of fat. He was fancy dressed. Both were drinking beer. Tecumsah’s coat still dripped a bit on the floor. He asked, “Chester and Cedric?”
The thin man answered, “You have the entire room’s attention. Who want’s to know?”
Tecumsah smiled thinly and said, “Findley Brown sends his greetings. He said you might be able to help us establish a bit of a trading post.”
The fatter man choked on his beer. The thin man put his down and gestured to the other seats, “And now you have our attention. Have seat and tell me how old Brownie is doing.” He leaned back and said, “We can talk business after everyone else is bored with you.”

Author’s Note

This is part of my first work in NanowriMo. I have finished roughly 1800 words as of this writing. This story is a fork from what I am currently working on. I finished up the Omicron Matter. Findley and Winifred are well on their way to Guild central.  In my current writing, they sense the Guild has problems are setting up to act on their own.  Meanwhile, Tecumsah Quanah and two of his collegues were banished by John Smith because they would not play along (that was some of my better action writing btw).  Those three have arrive to hook up with Chester and Cedric who were tasked to make things easier for Findley and Winifred when they come back.  This is the back story I am going to have to incorporate. I am figuring out a better cover. My image will have to do.

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