Felicity’s Journal – Escape

Mr. Dent is still on vacation and says he is still writing. However, I have my doubts as he is returning ridiculous images of himself frolicking in some luxuriant tropical paradise. Nevertheless, I am submitting another entry of  my own observations of our current state. We can only hope that Mr. Dent spends half as much time writing as he seems to spend gallivanting up hillsides.

Memories from an Escape and the Beginning of the Conflict

Millicent had intended to meet with her mentor, Halboor Sigmund to discuss our invention and the coalition as a whole. But intentions are often gone awry. In the end, we would be escaping like a band of desperadoes guns blazing as if we had robbed a bank in the American west.
There was no harm or malice intended. Millicent wanted to speak to her mentor about the Omicron devices.  Later I would find out that both Charles and Millicent believed the planet was being watched by Guild. When I contacted the planet, there was a long wait and we were ordered to land close to the main dome. I suppose this should have been our first clue that things were amiss. The walk to the main door was simply sweltering. It is hard to describe how hot it was especially in full Victorian garb (at Millicent’s insistence). When we arrived we were ordered to hand over any form of defense at the door. Millicent said this was normal but Liam was not happy and they even made me give up my throwing knives (I had just gotten those at Juthjath!).  Once we got in were greeted by the execrable Bendiks Kaspar.  The  man was smug and rude. He was also overconfident as we will find out. Apparently, the humans (myself, Michael, Jason and Liam) would be detained while Millicent would be taken back to Guild headquarters to stand trial for violate rules. Millicent’s mentor convinced the man we would not be going anywhere without him know or being able to stop us.
Despite a difficult start we were served a lovely supper.  Following the meal, we each gravitated to different people and had new discussion. Michael and I joined the staff in the kitchen. It was a reminder of simpler, happy times Michael and I had back in the manor house. The staff treated us warmly, but soon were told we needed to be back at the ship and get ready to leave. The head person gave us a basket of food and treats and said, “Millicent always liked my berry turnovers. She’ll one or two I suspect.”  When I asked what was going to happen, the woman shrugged and said, “We’ve been away from the land too long. We will be heading home for a while.” She patted my shoulder and said, “You should worry about yourself,” more harshly, “and pity anyone who tries to follow us into the desert.”
Michael and I scurried back to the ship. There were no guards (which surprised Michael).  Once in, Michael began prepping the ship for take off. I stowed the basket and got to the communications station and convincing them that we were just checking the ship and getting a change of clothes.. Liam arrived next.  He quickly armed himself and stood by the door. “Kiddies we will be leaving shortly and it will be a fast ride no doubt. Michael, start setting up targeting for the control tower and ship hangers. We will be leaving as soon as her nibs arrives.” My stomach flipped at that order. Jason came next and ran to the engine room shouting, “I’ll get the Omicron device up and running.” Michael shouted, we’ve never used it this close to a planet. Jason shouted, “Might as well try sometime.” With each arrival the control tower was more insistent we come back. I just let them know that it takes time to change all those petticoats after so much heat.
Millicent was the last to return. After checking in, she had Michael prepare targets for missiles and be ready for rapid action. Millicent then gave the order to leave. I gave my own little ending and the escape began. We lifted off and Michael fired the missiles. The control tower and hangers were severely damaged. Later I would also hear that their communications were ruined. But escape wasn’t complete as we lifted off the planet another ship started chasing us. Millicent evaded as Jason tried to get the Omicron device working. The other ship shot missiles at us and I was certain we would be hit. Michael fired our missiles back and just as we were going to be hit, the Omicron device started. I do not know what happened to the missiles aimed at us; I only know they did not hit us.
I am not certain what happened to the ship we shot at. However, given the bounty on our heads and the new edicts, I am guessing the missiles were effective.  Millicent was distraught – having convinced herself that she started a war. Liam and Charles seemed to assuage that by saying everyone seemed to be prepared for a conflict. It was circumstance if our escape ignited the bonfire – something else would have. I made a dish of the treats and a pot of tea and she soon joined us in the galley as we headed to our next stop.


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