Felicity’s Journal Daily Life on Juthjath

Mr. Dent is taking a break after finishing the Omicron Matter. So he has asked me to filling a bit while he is gone. He also asked me to say he is expecting to get a lot of writing done on the next section so things should pick up when he gets back. Meanwhile, I will be doing a bit of reporting on things I’ve seen.

It has been so sad to see the damage of the battle of Juthjath. When Michaeal and I left with the others. My experience was simply amazing. Other than our trip to Prague, I had never been out of Jolly Old England and most of that had been as a maid in London. I’ve talked about Tau Ceti and how strange it was. Juthjath had all the strange species and stranger sights and yet it felt almost like home. In the neighborhoods, one could have been in Mayfair or Paddington if Mayfair and Paddington had building that touched the sky. Parks seems to be everywhere. Apartments are no larger than the apartments of my service, but it does not matter. People, all the people, use the parks and town squares to congregate and relax. Families and schools gather in the gardens to play games, sing, do art and even learn. I overheard a lesson on history below a statue. The professor quizzed students about the figure and her significance. The professor invited me to join and had her students present the lesson. She even had them ask about Earth and London. I hope I made a good impression.

The Tymbrimi are a people full of life, laughter and joy. Their light and friendly nature is infectious. All the species that reside here seem to have that same good natured attitude to visitors. Even the dour Molocots have been seen reading in the parks and listening to music. That is not to say the Tymbrimi are weak or helpless. They maybe slow to anger, but when that anger is ignited, one should stand back. Following the battle, Eleanor told me about some of the trials up in space. It is hard to believe the laughing singing folk would march prisoners into space just to restore order. I was informed by Iti Greeneyes that the Tymbrimi have been spacefaring almost as long as the Uycarrans. Anyone who crosses a Tymbrimi in space does so at his or her peril.

As a people, they are a bit shorter than us. Most seem to measure around four and half feet making Simone feel right at home. Their hair is always wildly colored. I cannot tell if this is natural they seem to change it with each occasion. But it is always long and straight whether it is pink, purple, blue or red. They also favor wild splashes of color in their clothing. The more colors and variety the better. The effect makes a crowded street seem rather like a carnival. They have slightly pointed ears and sloping eyes making them the very image of fey folk. I asked Charles about this. He did not know of any visits by Tymbrimi, but did not discount it as a source of our legends. The things that can be done in space would seem as magic to anyone on London. If a voyage or two stumbled onto Ireland or Wales thousands of years ago, the Tymbrimi would like have dismissed Earth’s potential and moved on. Charles then said, “Millicent never told me how her family found out about your planet. Hmmm…”


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