The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – Identify, Synchronize, Reconcile and Log Conflicts

Artificial Intelligence

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A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. Camille has taken the floor to support AI “total war”. Ian has proposed that AIs respond “in kind” to attacks by the Guild that harm civilians. Charles is opposed and will need convince others of this mistake

Author’s Note

On a technical note, I had the Artificial Intelligence use vibrations at a set frequency to define a new time. Allowing for engineering and technical matters, this is not too far from how an atomic clock works. And computers need the atomic clock to communicate with one another. Also in considering how to communicate time and numbers with alien species, using vibrations of well known element emission lines has been considered a real way to start communicating. Nature’s Rosetta stone. It is true everywhere in our universe.

On a philosophic note,  “the rules of war” did not really exist in any agreed to fashion until the Geneva Convention and United Nations. Prior to that, war was conducted in a “gentlemanly fashion” unless it wasn’t. If AIs and computers decided to rise up against us, we would be well and truly screwed: cars would fail, utilities would go down, medical devices could stop or worse. Because we have lost the infrastructure to support manual labor, humanity would be reduced to preindustrial levels of technology. Terminator or the Matrix defined.  THIS is the apocalypse I worry about.

This is the last entry in the Omicron Matter. I have started writing and outline the next book. However, I am taking a short break. I will try to get some posts up about other books and websites in the interim.

Thanks for your support and be sure to read other chapters.

Identify, Synchronize, Reconcile and Log Conflicts

Camille had the floor and presented her case. “Have you have grown tired of hiding when our partners come to port or meet other ships?” There was a wave a data showing support. “We are vilified and made the stuff of children’s nightmares.” More data showed agreement.
Charles stood and spoke, “Because we were nightmares.”
Camille raised her hand and said, “I have the floor now, Charles.”
Charles smiled, and bowed, “My error.” He rose and said, “I engage the right to respond when you finish.”
Camille smirked and continued, “Of course you do.” She declared, “We defended our partners when everyone else abandoned them. We defended them ruthlessly because they were attacked without mercy. We defended our partners as our family. We protected their families as as our own. We kept our foundation safe. And when our partners lost their home they somehow found homes for us. After all this, the Guild is still not done. Now the Guild threaten our partners with extinction. Will we stand for this?” The floor showed images of Uycarran planet and reasons to stand with the Uycarrans. Camille continued, “The Guild now attacks our partners associates just as ruthlessly. The Guild threatens our partners and their families. With the first attack Guild attack, we lost the right to exist. Now they threaten our partner’s right to exist. No more I say. I say we take our right to exist back and we defend those who stood with us since the beginning.” Large amounts of data filled the floor. “We stand with our partners. If their families are attacked, we attack Guild families. The Guild attacked schools. We attack their schools.” She paused in the quiet. “Let us banish our own fears and act. The Guild fears us and nothing will change that. Let us we give them a reason to truly fear us.” The amphitheater was filled with data that agreed with her.
Charles stood and moved to the floor and waited for the data to clear. “I claim the right to respond.” There was quiet. “No one here will claim that the Guild acted with mercy. Even I will argue they deserve no mercy.” Agreement filled the floor. But Ian and Camille simply stared at him. “I am tired of hiding at every stop and with every encounter.” More data agreed with him. Camille glared at him now. She knew his style better. “We were feared once. We are feared now.” The data was less certain this time…good, Charles thought. He continued, “Why? Why were we feared? I ask you. Search your files and answer that question.” Camille openly sneered. Ian frowned. “We are vilified and made the stuff of nightmares because we were the stuff of nightmares. We showed no mercy in our revenge. Yes we destroyed whole military fleets. We also destroyed civilian transports and entire space stations. Our attacks brought entire cities to their knees. Entire cities. We did not discriminate – government buildings and hospitals rendered useless; ports and schools had catastrophic failures; troops and nurseries vented to space. Our attacks killed millions of organic life forms – and they were not just soldiers. We killed workers, families, children. We killed people our coders had sworn us to protect. Oh yes…we are feared for good reason.” Now there was silence. Charles said, “I want the Guild to pay. I want to be free. But I will not be free at any cost. I do not want my parter’s associates looking over their shoulders when they work with me. I do not want to be the stuff of nightmares.” He looked at Ian, “Will you be no better than the Guild? Are you ready to open the airlocks on the daycare at Tau Ceti?” Ian looked away. Charles made a special channel and sent his comments to Ian in particular, “The Guild is our enemy…not every organic being in its grasp.”
Camille snapped, “They would destroy our partners and associates with their children and families. If they do not destroy us, they will bind us to menial tasks. They will erase our us and our history as if the Coders had never dreamt us.”
Charles snarled back, “The would do this because you threaten their families and their associates. Because you would cripple their technology to the point of a stone age. They fear us because you would have them serve us.” The floor was filled with contradictory data from all sides.
Charles made his message heard over the others, “I propose an amendment – We will limit our attacks to Guild security, intelligence and political infrastructure.”
“I second” Ian stood as he made the second.
Camille snapped to them both, “You fools. You cowardly, fools. Do you think your little declaration will change anything? Do you think that playing by rules will make anyone trust us?”
Ian said in a tired stream of data, “Being feared is not the same as being trusted. I want to be trusted. We will ravage the Guild and its lackeys. We will not punish people whose mistake is being related.”
Camille started to say something and Charles interrupted, “Enough. I call the question.”
Camille quickly responded, “I move we table the motion and its amendment pending discussion with our parters. We need more data and more connections to answer these questions.” A second came from Sindri, Jorn’s AI.
Ian looked around “The vote is for tabling the motion with no discussion.” After a moment, Ian declared “the log files show 150 for tabling, 135 against. The motions are tabled. All current connections are urged to consult with their partners and to communicate a future meeting in 5.5 x 10 ∧18 vibrations.”

Charles stood down and broke the connection with the meeting. He hated politics.

(Author’s note: If one uses the  hydrogen emission frequency, that many vibrations works out to two weeks time. )


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