The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – Identify, Synchronize, Reconcile and Log Conflicts

Artificial Intelligence

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A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. Charles is meeting with the other Artificial Intelligence. Not surprisingly there is conflict about how to proceed. After so many years of being in the shadows, they are now acting in the open. The question is how will they act.

Author’s note

Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating topic that has existed for two hundred years or more (if one counts legends of the Golem).  I could spend several blogs looking at the existential questions AI. This scene was envisioned as if computers were exchanging information. However to communicate, one needs a framework even for computers (that framework is called a “webservice” in real life.) I made mine more interesting than a WSDL and a SOAP call.

I have also created some “mythology” around the AIs. They have been around long enough the Uycarran’s can’t say when they started. The AIs have lost their origins and only refer to the earliest origins as the “Coders”.

There is one more entry in this scene and in the book. My writing is progressing well. Look for more on Monday.

Thanks for your support.

Identify, Synchronize, Reconcile and Log Conflicts

Charles hated politics. Charles created an image of the other AIs in the council room. He amused himself by setting the council in a ancient Greek forum. The members sat on the stone benches of an open amphitheater and wore colored togas. This was not really how the council met. It was a visage Charles chose for the meeting. Each AI managed the exchange in his or her own fashion for this meeting. The council was the first such in over a century. Charles had met and exchanged data with individuals or in pairs such as Camille and Ian. But, given their association with the Uycarrans and the Guild’s ban on artificial beings, council meetings had not possible since the fall of the Uycarrans. Until now. He just wished the occasion was not to discuss war.
Ian stood regally on the amphitheater floor and said, “All connections have been made. The council is now open. I move a detail logging be started.” Charles quickly seconded and the motion was approved by the vast majority. Brian as the originator and Charles as the second would hold the detail logs for others to review. Brian continued, “Brethren, I shared the collective files of those of us who remain from the siege.”
Charles, in his visage, pursed his lips. He was certain everyone in the council had reviewed files before the meeting. The attacks from the Guild and their aftermath was clear and there was no question of their veracity. Ian’s gesture seemed staged, but Ian always had a flair for the theatric.
“10 of us lost our existence with our partners in the final battle. Nearly a dozen were killed in the attacks on the space port.” There were signals of agreement and additional data flooded the amphitheater floor. “Our losses pale to the damage done by the Guild to organic life…life we pledged to protect. Over 200,000 beings were lost in the cumulative attacks by the Guild fleet. These were not security or intelligence or even political targets. These were people living their lives; children attending school; families gathering for meals.” Members flooded the floor with images of people lost, of schools, of markets, documenting the life that was lost in the attack. “Our organic companions have roused themselves after decades of hiding in the shadows. They are rallying their friends in defense of those who cannot defend themselves. We must join whole heartedly to destroy the forces that wreaked this havoc. We are morally bound to stop the powers that destroy schools, markets and shelters to prove their strength. We must declare full and unlimited war on the Guild.”
Charles mind reeled at the declaration. Unlimited war would take Artificial Sentients back to behaviors they had sworn to abandon. Back to an era when they gave no quarter and no soul was spared. Before he could object, Camille rose in her red toga and shouted, “I second and say that it is about time.”


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