The Omicron Matter – A Wake for Giggledust IV

Day of Dead Alter

© Markechristian | – Day Of Dead Voodoo Alter Photo

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. Jason and John arrive at the wake. John is taken to the memorial table where people come to give their respects. There are laughter, tears and condolences.

Author’s note

This is the last entry for this scene. The wake has started. We will never know if Jason and John sing maudlin Irish ballads.  There are two more entries before the book is finished. I read an article recently where a writer complained about endings to drive serial books (Think “Empire Strikes Back”). I would like to believe the book has ended. There is a lot that still needs to happen

A Life Remembered

At the restaurant Jason led John to the room with the small memorial. Jason noticed that John’s brightly covered vest matched the tunic on the table. John quirked a smile at Jason and said, “She said I had no taste in clothes.” Jason returned a small smile. The memorial had the changing images of Giggledust’s early life and Michael’s painting was in one corner. The flowers were arranged various items such as books, a bottle, and something that could have been a fishing rod. There was a dish of food next to the books and bottle.
Felicity arrived holding a fish cake appetizer. John looked shocked and then pulled out a kerchief and muttered, “Damn…I thought I could do this.”
Felicity looked alarmed and said, “Is something wrong?”
John wiped his face and took a deep breath, “No Felicity…everything is…perfect.” He looked at the appetizers sadly, “We were going to have fish after I was done with my summons from Silverbeam… I haven’t had fish since.” He picked one up and eyed and then took a bite and inhaled and sighed, “I’ve forgotten how good the fish tastes here.”
Felicity wrapped her arm around the big man in a hug, “I am so sorry, John. I wish we had been here…She had a wonderful laugh and easy way.” She leaned back and patted his chest and said, “You just relax…everything is taken care of.”
John stood by the memorial. Other people began to file in and greet John and make small comments. Millicent gave John a full hug and expressed her condolences. Neville Carter-Frasier came and John laughed heartily as Neville rubbed his jaw. John Smith came and place an abstract image on the altar. It was full of color in the middle of a darkness. There were sharp edges and smooth curves that ran together. Smith looked at the image as he spoke with John. He then bowed and shook John’s hand. John returned the shake and nodded and looked at the image for a bit. Jason left to go get John a drink. When he came back, Abu Silverbeam was there and talking to John quietly. Jason gave John the drink. John and Silverbeam sat in chairs and continued their conversation. Jason retired to the door. Iti Greeneyes watched the pair from the doorway. Jason asked, “Was she a relative?”
Iti eyed him and said, “She was a cousin as we call some. I have been told you humans view our relations as complicated.”
Jason snorted, “I have been told that everyone views your relations as complicated – even the Kaum Legit and they have communal families.” He then shook himself and said, “I am sorry. John was…endeared to her.”
Greeneyes took a drink, “She endeared herself to everyone. I was hoping she would join me on my own ship when she finished her journeyman runs.” She turned to him and said, “have you family?”
Jason said, “I suppose you could call the team my family now. My parents were taken away when I was two. My aunt and uncle ….raised me but we had our conflicts.”
Greeneyes, “all families do.”
Jason said, “I have a mate and I suppose a child now.”
Greeneyes raised her eyes. Jason stuttered, “She insisted. With the drives, I could be back there soon.” His eyes got firmer, “At least they will have a chance at a future.”
Greeneyes watched John and Silverbeam lean back and take small drinks. She said, “We all have a chance now.” She turned and raised her glass, “To families growing old together, Jason McNeill.” Jason raised his glass and drank.



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