The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – A Wake for Giggledust IV

Day of Dead Alter

© Markechristian | – Day Of Dead Voodoo Alter Photo

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. John is sobered up. The party is starting and Jason is making sure John shows up. As the walk, John explains his reluctance to attend the wake.

Author’s Note

I missed Friday as I was driving from Las Vegas to San Francisco Bay Area. That is a 9 hour drive if one pushes limits. So I did not get published. I am still getting caught up on work related issues so I do not have “favorite blogs” done yet.

However, I have started the next book and the scenes are shaping up nicely. I may take a week break before I start up, but I am working on getting a good back log in.

Thanks for your support.

Look for more on Wednesday…really.

The Faces of Grief

TThe restaurant, The Peasant and The Fish, had multiple rooms and a large patio that overlooked the park. Felicity, Michael and Iti Greeneyes set up a small memorial in one room. Michael had made a painting of Ami in her workclothes with a ship behind her. Iti Greeneyes created a series of images that displayed showing Ami from her childhood years through her adult life. The table included Ami’s favorite flowers and a bottle of her favorite drink. It even included a meal of Ami’s favorite sweets and savories prepared by Felicity.
Jason made sure John came to the restaurant. As they walked, John said, “I hated these things when I was growing up.”
Jason shrugged, “We country Protestants tended to bury them, hang a wreath for a respectable month and pretend everything was all right after the wreath came down.”
John laughed, “How very English…wakes were just another night Da’ would get sotting drunk. And all his friends would too.” He stopped, “It is hard to describe how bad 10 drunk Irish tenors sound singing ‘The Irish Emigrant’. And the ladies wailed dramatically.” He shook his head, “All so much folly after someone died.”
Jason said in a helpful tone, “I can arrange for Rachael, Eleanor and Simone to wail, if it will make you feel more at home.”
John stopped and then laughed and choked up, “God no…” He turned and grabbed Jason’s shoulder and leaned, “Let’s get this over with.” He took Jason and led him down the street with his arm around Jason’s neck. As they walked, “And if you and Liam start singing ‘My Irish Rose’, I will break a chair over both of you.”
Jason put his arm around John’s back and laughed, “Why the thought never crossed my mind. I am sure Liam knows other songs.”


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