The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – A Wake for Giggledust III

Day of Dead Alter

© Markechristian | – Day Of Dead Voodoo Alter Photo

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. Jason brings John back to the ship for rest and care. Jason finds out that we can’t always face life without help.

Author’s Note

I simplify the action of anti-anxiety drugs and anti-depressants, but I think I explain as best I can for those who haven’t ever needed them. Sometime life is too much to handle. One can’t simply “buck up” or “think positive” -we did that a while back and stuff kept happening. The drugs don’t make us happy or feel good. They make it possible to feel less intensely so we can handle what we have.

I am away at a conference. I gave a talk this morning that went quite well. But I am busy as a three legged dog at a fire hydrant factory. So I won’t be doing a favorite blog update today.  Just an entry in the Omicron Matter.

Thanks for you support and look for more on Friday


Rachael and Jason sobered John up in the usual fashion – cold water, liquids and time. While John got himself cleaned up, Rachael and Jason packed some clothes and his toiletries. Over weak protests, Jason and Rachael led John back to Millicent’s ship. Millicent put John in his room and moved with Jason and Rachael to the Galley. Millicent said, “We’ve given him a sedative. Charles will work on an antidepressant for him to use for a while.
Jason gawked, “You can give him something to get a better mood?”
Millicent smiled and shrugged, “I think he was trying to do that on his own. What we are doing is a bit different. It is closer to dulling the things he feels. John has had a major loss, the stress of the battle and virtual isolation for months…those add up. One can only feel so much tension, stress, pain before things stop working. And after a point…nothing he did felt good or right. He was using a historical method to hide from the pain. The drugs we are giving help the body handle the stress. His tension and pain are still there, but he has the internal resources to face it now.” She looked intently at them, “And he will need his friends. I think the wake will help him face things he has been hiding from and he will need you to get through it.”
Charles said, “Silverbeam has assured Simone the wake is completely appropriate.In fact, it is reminiscent of an old Tymbrimi tradition. It has been lost on the planet. In any case, he will be coming and will bring a few guests.”
Liam, Felicity and Michael arrived. Liam announced, “We found a place – a nice restaurant with a view of the park. Felicity and Michael will help with the cooking so we don’t get poisoned.”
Millicent said, “Good. Silverbeam is bringing a few friends. Talk to Simone about the menu.”
Liam groaned, “Lord, I hope the place is big enough.”


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