The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – A Wake for Giggledust II

Day of Dead Alter

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A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. Jason and Rachael have gone to John’s apartment and he won’t open. Rachael breaks the door open and find John in an alcoholic stupor. They move to end his drinking.

Author’s note

The responses to pain and loss are varied as the people who experience it. Lacking a good support framework, John’s response feels believable to me. Anger, survivor’s guilt, loss of a first love and no good way or time to face all that? That could drive anyone to drink.

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 A Wake for Giggledust


Jason and Rachael arrived at John’s apartment. Jason pressed the button and after a moment a thick voice with an Irish accent, “Go ‘way. Not takin vistors today.” Rachael banged the door and shouted, “Open this door you lout.” There was no response. Rachael pulled out a small device and stuck it on the side of the door muttering, “Like some silly electronic door is going to keep me out.” She said louder, “Charles, he is not opening.”

Charles replied in a low voice, “I heard. It will take a few moments. Get him back here. There are things I can do to help him deal with life that are better than his method.”

Rachael sighed and watched the lights flash on the device, “Just about anything is better than his method. But his method has the advantage of a long history.” The door opened and Jason entered the messy apartment followed by Rachael.

John was seated at a table and lifted his head protesting, “I said I wasn’ takin visitors.”

Jason picked a bottle off the table and sniffed. His eyes watered, “Really John? I thought you had better taste than this.” He poured it into the sink.

John stood up and shouted, “I was drinking that you sot.” He rushed at Jason, but Rachael shot a cane out and tripped him. He fell in a heap at Jason’s feet. He closed his eyes and covered his face with his hands and started sobbing, “I was drinking that… I was drinkin that.” He rolled over and slipped into a fetal position, “Please jus’ go ‘way. Don’ need anybody.”

Rachael rolled over to the large shaking body, “We ain’t going anywhere Mr. O’Malley.” She patted his shoulder and said more softly, “We aren’t going anywhere, John.”

Jason sat on the floor leaning on the wall next to John and rested a hand on John’s knee,”We’ve been gone too long.”


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