The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – a Wake for Giggledust

Day of Dead Alter

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A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. Jason has finally landed in Juthjath and met up with most of the crew. John is missing and that needs to be fixed.

Author’s note

Full disclosure…I am a Protestant and we don’t do wakes. That being said, one of the best memorial services I have been to (if such can be said) was my grandmother’s. Five generations of family and more friends gathered in the home town. Following the service, the church provided a pot luck and we cousins sat down. In short time we were exchanging stories and laughing loudly. I am sure the staid small town Methodist ladies were confused. But Grandmother had lived a long and happy life and we were the result.  We were celebrating in a sense.  Death may be tragic but life can always be celebrated.

Today’s featured friend is Alisha’s Words of Wonder. Alisha is a student in Belfast, Ireland (and I hope I manage not to offend in this scene). She also is a serious book reviewer.  Her interest is in fantasy and science fiction.  It will become obvious to anyone that she is a serious Harry Potter fan. I loved her set of books tied to HP spells. “Crucio – too painful to read”.  It is a wonderful hodge podge of reviews, book stores, openings – all things books.  My site isn’t published so I don’t expect it to make her grade, but I am glad she finds time in her busy reading schedule to stop by my site.

This scene is long. I originally planned as the end of the chapter and the book. However, my long suffering editor suggested another scene end the book and her suggestion was perfect. But this scene needed to be written. John needed some closure. Jason needed some page time. The author needed the team together.  This will take up four entries. For those who may feel confused, you may want to go back to an earlier post – The Guild Strikes Back. 

Look for more on Monday. Thanks for your support.


A Wake for Giggledust

A Gathering of Friends

By the time Millicent’s ship had landed the parades and celebrations had slowed. Jason was tired and happy to avoid the commotion. Other fleets had seen more action and he was simply looking forward to seeing his old friends. He wanted to get caught up with everyone after the months of separation. As they left the ship, Felicity and Michael led while Jason and Liam followed. Millicent was staying on board to work with other crew captains. At the base of the ship ramp, Eleanor, Simone and Rachael were waiting. There were hugs and handshakes a few tears. Jason looked around and asked, “Where’s John?”
Simone said quietly, “He lost someone.”
Eleanor muttered, “The big oaf has barely left his room since I got back.”
Jason asked, “Who did he lose?”
Simone’s eyes watered a bit and said, “Ami Giggledust…Abu Silverbeam’s niece.”
Liam whistled, “I remember her. She started the fight with Felicity.” Felicity frowned. Michael glared. Eleanor and Simone gawked. Only Rachael seemed to smile a little.Liam got a little defensive, “just saying… He must have been close…”
Simone said, “I think she kept a certain…casualness to it. But John…well he dressed up for her and she went to concerts with him.”
Jason leaned against a rail, “How did she die?”
Simone’s voice grew ragged as she spoke, “When the first battleship really attacked. Silverbeam had summoned John and me to see the Guild Admiral. I think it was supposed to show unity or some such. Anyway Silverbeam picked up us up and he left her…we left her at the stadium…” and then her voice gave out.
Eleanor finished harshly, “The bastards leveled the stadium and the surroundingblocks. It was full of refugees and people trapped because of the planet. We are guessing 100,000 died in that attack alone…It is only a guess because there were no bodies left to count.”
Liam muttered, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph…” Then he scratched his chin, “and if she had come with you…”
Simone wailed, “Ami would be alive.”
Jason gulped, “Bloody hell…no wonder he’s on a binge.” The group was quiet for awhile.
Liam scratched the back of head, “Maybe what he needs is a proper Irish wake. The boy might put on airs, but he was raised Cockney. That’s practically Dubliner.”
Rachael snorted, “For most…”
Liam bowed and mimic-ed a Mayfair accent,”Beggin pardon, Miss…”
Rachael waved him off, “But you’ve the right idea. John being alone isn’t good and a bit of family might help. Set it up and we’ll make a night of it. Hell, we’ll invite Silverbeam if he’ll get out of that damn control room and Smith to see if he smiles.” She looked around then said, “Liam, can you find a good size place to have it? Take Felicity and Michael along to help arrange…refreshments.”
Liam tipped his hat and said, “Come along, kiddies. We’ve a wake to arrange.”
As they left, Jason said, “He seems a bit cheerful at the prospect.”
Rachael shrugged, “He’ll do it right. And done right, we’ll be laughing and crying at the same time. Maybe the Irish get so much practice at mourning, they’ve gotten good at it.” She looked at Eleanor and Simone, “Can you make sure we aren’t committing sacrilege. Invite Silverbeam and anyone else who might want to come.”
Simone wiped her face, “Gladly, we’ll handle that. What are you and Jason going to do?”
Rachael smiled and patted Jason’s knee, “We are going to give John a proper invitation he will not be able to refuse.”


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