The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – New Arrangements

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. Rachael is shifting back to Millicent’s ship after months of work on John Smith’s ship. Smith has found replacements and Neville Carter-Frasier will be training them. Neville gives her a departing gift. Smith escorts her off the ship.

Author’s Note

This entry is longer than others in the past. But it has no good break so I decided for a longer passage. The final scenes are still being edited but the chapter and book will soon be finished. I am currently getting ideas and characters together for the next section.

Aidan J Reid has become a regular reader. Aidan is writer, adventurer, editor and media consultant.  He has three sci fi books out on the market and has been very successful on Kindle in selling them. He offered a recent blog on promotional websites that was a helpful if disappointing review of services independent writers can use to sell their books. He has blogs on promotion, writing, book reviews, interviewing authors, and life itself.  I am excited he has been reading and hope to read his books soon.

New Arrangements

Rachael was finishing packing her bunk when Neville Carter-Frasier entered the room bearing a hat box covered in ribbon. He sat in the one chair of the room and looked around. He asked, “Do you have a chair in your cabin on Canynges’ Folly?”
She pointed to the book case next to the chair and said, “Make yourself useful and hand me those notebooks…And yes I have a chair in my cabin. It helps for conversations with ambulatory types and is less awkward than the bed.” Neville had the courtesy to blush. After the notebooks were packed, Neville coughed politely and said, “Before you seal that up…” and held out the hat box.
Rachael took it and said, “There is no way this will fit.” She hafted it gently and said, “This really isn’t necessary.” Then she grinned, “But it will make my gift easier to hand over.” She set the hat box down and rolled over to the wardrobe and opened a drawer and pulled out a smaller box and handed it over.
Neville took it in surprise. And then admired the box with a neat bow. “I know it has been a long set of months. But you have been…great to work with. I count you as a friend”
Rachael blushed a little this time and said, “You aren’t the twit I remember in University. You’ve grown on me. And I will gladly have you pilot me anywhere.” She grinned a bit and said, “I will miss our sparring matches. Remember that when you open the gift.”
Neville said, “I gave you mine first so you open yours now.”
Rachael undid the ribbons and took the top off. Inside was a bowl with a sculpture inside. There were a series of small bowls that descended from a high point to the bowl -a fountain or waterfall. There were a total of 9 bowls. The highest fed two bowls to the side. In turn those two fed an another two and so on. There were four descending bowls on either side of the highest bowl making an open circle. The bowls were of a strangely colored metal – silver and blue with a striking geometric pattern. In the middle there was an open space that looked like it might accommodate a plant or another sculpture. Neville said, “press this button.” She did and there was soft light around the bowls that would be accented by the water falling.
Rachael said quietly, “It is beautiful and amazing.”
Neville said, “I was supposed to make small fountains for who ever took me on. I found the time on board monotonous and noises started to wear on me. I thought you might like it.”
Rachael said, “I shall be the envy of everyone else on Millicent’s ship.” She returned it to the hat box and said, “Now open yours.”
Neville opened the small box. There was a music box inside. He wound it and figures emerged doing a bit of a dance with swords and ropes to baroque tune. Rachael shrugged, “Perhaps not as relaxing.”
Neville said, “But something that will draw people to the room to admire it and definitely something to remember our sparring matches by. “ He returned his item to the box. “I will miss you, Miss Weiz.”
From the hall came the low voice, “As will we all, Cartier-Frazier. As will we all.”
“Not I.” Said a haughty voice from the ceiling.
“Nonsense, Camille. You just say that.But admit it. She has been your perfect foil for the last few months. Your wit has not been this sharp in decades.”
Rachael again rolled over to the wardrobe and took out two cubes and placed them on the bed stand, “Well Camille, you have been a valuable colleague and I have even learned to appreciate cold showers. “
Smith frowned at the ceiling, “Really,Camille? That seems a bit petty for you.”
“She deserved them.”
Rachael took the cubes and placed them in Smiths hands as she said, “Consequently, I will cherish my warm showers in Canynges’ Folly all the more for your generous help. In more learned matters, I would never have solved some of those space time problems without your help. As a token of my thanks for your assistance, I acquired some cubes on the history and culture of the Americas. You will find as complete a history as we can get going back to the Indian migration. And a fine collection of art that survived the Spanish. That should help you assist Smith when he starts his trading on Earth.”
There was silence then Camille said, “I did not get you anything.”
Rachael smiled at Smith and added a wink, “Nothing is necessary. I have learned a great deal from you over the past months. Your wisdom is gift enough.”
Smith smiled and discreetly wagged a finger in Rachael’s direction. He pocketed the cubes and then said, “I am sure Camille will appreciate the cubes in our work. Won’t she.”
“Yes… I suppose I will.”
Smith pointed to the door and said, “I will escort you and your luggage to Canynges’ Folly. Mr. Carter-Frasier will be training the new employees and settling them in their quarters.
Neville puffed out his chest a little.
Rachael leaned back and said warmly, “Really? Neville as trainer. Well done.”
Neville said, “With you gone, we need a communications person and an engineer who understands the Omicron drive. Smith is also taking on another pilot.”
Smith said, “We are getting a Hoon to handle the communications. A Tymbrimi who will handle operations and working the Omicron Drive. I have also agreed to apprentice a Uycarran from the fleet.”
Rachael raised her hands to the sky and said, “God save the galaxy. There will be two now.”
Smith put his hand to his heart and said, “You wound me.” He stood straighter and said, “Carter-Fraiser get their rooms in order and a schedule for their training in my queue with in the next 90 minutes. They arrive today and I want time to correct your errors before I set you loose on them.” Neville made a brief salute and left the room quickly.
Rachael watched him leave the room and shook her head, “I hope you let him know he is competent once in a while.”
Smith loaded her bin and the hat box onto a moving pallet and said, “The young Uycarran is not the only one who is getting apprenticed. Carter-Frasier is a competent pilot and I have rewarded him for his work with you and Camille.” He moved the pallet along the hallway and said, “But he should not take my occasional moments of grace for granted.”
Rachael snorted, “That will never happen.”
As they left the ship, Smith said quietly, “You are a woman to be feared.”
Rachael said as they rolled over the pavement, “You’ve said that before but what inspired it this time?”
“You are the only person I know who has managed to embarrass Camille.”
Rachael said with a straight face, “She was valuable help and will enjoy the cubes.” She paused her rolling and smiled at Smith, “The sound in her voice when I had done something she had not anticipated will warm me for months.” She put her nose in the air rolled on, “Come along. If you drop that hat box, you’ll get no tip.”
Smith roared in laughter as he pushed the pallet towards Canynges’ Folly.


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