The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – Landing Damages III


A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. Brian Tuireann has brought two high level officers to witness the damage of the siege. He then forces them to face the consequences of their actions.

Author’s Note

I picture some place in Hell where terrorists are being forced to see the humanity of their victims  – endless having to see the loss of potential and how much more full their lives were and would have been. But I probably misread the impact of such things. Fanatics fail to see the humanity in others and that is how they justify their actions.  I would like to believe soldiers are different. They have orders and a job to do, but at some point they face the humanity of those they kill.  This is purely speculation as I have never been in the service.  It is a wish for the best in all of us.

Poly Dandroid is a recent and welcome frequent reader.  Her blog is written as a set of journal entries by a visitor to earth documenting the habits “Earth Apes”. Poly’s observations as an travelling zoologist and anthropologist are remarkably insightful as they are are totally confused at the human condition.  The writing is tight and entertaining. The blog entries are fun bites of sarcasm and wit easily digested over a lunch.

Landing Damage

Brian strode down to the front of the bridge with the two prisoners and put his arm around each and said, “Enough pleasantries. I thought you people would like to see your handiwork up close. It is so hard to see details from space that one can forget their importance.” He turned them around harshly to face the screen showing the devastation. Then Ian said, “I have added a list of the names and ages of those who died during the attacks.” A list of names started scrolling down the screen. Eleanor gulped as the names seemed to go by endlessly. The major looked away. Brian smacked his head hard and then grabbed his face and pointed it the screen and snarled, “Look at it. Read those names and ages.” The major whimpered. Brian glared at the space captain and hissed, “Read them Captain…or so help me I will throw you out over the crowd as we land.”
The captain faced the screen, kept her pale face expressionless. “Fluff Moonbeam, age 37, Gaze Starfeather, age 60, Breeze Glittercheeks age…” she stopped.
Ian added helpfully, “That was the school your fleet hit.”
The captain croaked, “That was a mistake.”
Brian let go of the whimpering major and leaned into the captain who held her ground, “’Oopsy Daisy’ Is that what you are going to tell the parents? ‘Sorry…I need a do over?’” He pointed at the screen and whispered, “Read and face your …mistake.”
She croaked, “Breeze Glittercheeks, age 8, Sparkle Moonfrost, age 9” Her eyes began to water.
Brian turned back to the whimpering major, “What is the matter, Leikai? Lost your voice. At least the Captain” he spat out the words, “can claim hitting the school was a mistake. That will be a bit hard for you, won’t it. You told us to watch.” He lifted the man up so high his feet dangled and said harshly, “Read those names.”
The man’s voice began “Laronda Emmileigh , age 90, Deteeffa Krystalle, age 20, Sharonda Tifunee age 3.” He paused and said, “Ami Giggledust, age 22.”
Brian smiled thinly at the man, “Ahh…I see you remember Abu’s niece… brilliant mechanic. I was going to fight Iti Greeneyes for her services.” He threw the man down and snarled, “Read…”
The voices alternated the litany names as the spaceport approached. Eleanor stared at the console willing herself not to cry. Awag’s voice sounded strained as she communicated landing procedures with the tower. Brian lowered his head, “Ian and I will manage if you ladies wish a respite.”
“Ke’teeffa Dekeesha age, 45, Smile Gentlemoon, age 8, Alf Rainwood, 32…”
Eleanor said quietly, “I will manage, sir. Others faced worse.” She smiled bleakly, “At least no one is shooting at me.”
Brian moved to his chair and sat heavily and watched the two prisoners read off the names as the ship landed.


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