The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – Landing Damages II


A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. The fleets in space are finally allowed to return to the surface of Juthjath. While they have heard about the damage of the attacks from the Guild, this the first they have actually seen the damage. The extent is shocking. Brian Tuireann applies some battlefield justice as his ship approaches the space port.

Author’s note

Writing lets one writing the things that one wishes would happen in real life.  And history says that “true believers” would have no guilt about killing the young and innocent.

Today’s featured blog is “unbolt”. Unbolt is one of the most imaginative websites I have encountered on WordPress. The opening page offers a variety sets of Awards that all seem to say “Click Me”. Click one and you are offered a new set of offers.  One can spend hours (well as long as a lunch break allows) roaming around seeing poetry, prose, essays, and interesting collections.  Unbolt is the collaboration of Tetiana Aleksina (Unbolt) and Tony Single (The Janitor).  As I don’t fully know how to appreciate poetry outside of music, I favor the essays but everything is fun to read.  I am excited that one or both of them have taken the time to read and like my story.


The Menanggung fleet and Smith’s ships returned with a few of the escaped cruisers in tow. The rest of the Guild fleet ships were accounted for and occupying ever widening space in neighboring solar systems. The Guild fleet would be missed eventually, but its fate would remain a rumor for longer.
Enemy ships dealt with, the coalition fleets were now allowed to return the planet surface. Ground crews had been working feverishly to make the space port usable. But the damage was not completely cleared and the space port was not at full capacity. Small groups of ships could land and be repaired while the flight crews took shore leave. Brian’s fleet was the first to land and Abu Silverbeam had made it clear that Brian Tuireann’s fleet would be greeted properly. Eleanor did not care. She wanted a bath, a decent meal and extended time alone with Simone.
Her pleasant thoughts were disrupted as they came into view of the land. Even three weeks later, smoke plumes could be seen from the heights that they were flying. The bright green and white city she had remembered was gone and replaced with grays of rubble and burnt parks. There was a huge area where the stadium had been that was simply flat as if some giant hand had erased the stadium and the surrounding buildings.
Eleanor whispered, “Dear God.”
Awag began making a keening sound.
Brian stood, “I think others should see this well,” and left the bridge. He came back with two high Guild officers from the battleship they had disabled. Brian smiled as he shoved them to the front of the bridge, “Miss Woodson, Miss Awag meet Major Guzhaim Leikai. He was Officer in Charge of the battleship cannon. Meet Space Captain Giattum Guba, leader of the fighter wings that attacked the ground resources. Eleanor glared at them but said nothing. Awag bared her teeth menacingly but said nothing as well.


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