The Omicron Matter – Aftermath – Landing Damages I


A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Aftermath. The battle is over and clean up has begun. The first question is what to do with the prisoners. Eleanor learns that space justice is harsh.

Author’s note

This is the start of a final set of scenes for the Omicron Matter.  I have almost all of them written and typed. What is going to happen now that the first battle has been fought and won?

Anothe loyal reader is Deidra Alexander. She is killer of people; a ruiner of lives; and destroyer of worlds – she is another fiction writer. Apparently a much more violent one than I. Still her short stories are fun. She is a published author with a variety of literature that spans fantasy, sci fi and horror.  She also writes blurbs and flash fiction. I have found her fun and humorous. “Stop Thinking So  Hard” is hard to read in a quiet room.

Landing Damage

Millicent and Smith felt the outcome of the battle needed to remain a secret to the Guild. The Menanggung fleet and most of Smith’s fleet were tasked to intercept fleeing ships. Brian’s fleet, a few of Smith’s ships and Millicent’s ship collected escape pods and secured the disabled battleships and cruisers.  There were so many prisoners that they could not safely be held in all the remaining coalition ships.  Low ranking people were placed in empty hangers on the captured ships. Small numbers of coalition guards were left to control the prisoners. The AIs gave their assistance to this effort. As expected, a revolt was attempted, but was quickly quelled when Sindri started removing the oxygen from the hanger.  Everyone in the hanger quickly passed out.  While everyone was unconscious, active participants were quickly separated from the remaining prisoners. Iti Greeneyes took charge of the perpetrators saying Tymbrimi space law would be applied. Eleanor noticed that Brian had stiffened at that phrase. Greeneyes stared him, daring him to disagree,”These people killed hundreds of thousands of innocents; thousands of my relatives and crew mates. Despite your far too gracious terms of surrender they chose to stage a pointless revolt.   The rest are lucky I do not space them as well. Do not challenge me, Uycarran. ” Brian bowed slightly and left taking Eleanor and Awag with him. He muttered, “Word of advice. Never get on her bad side.”  The Tymbrimi held a joint trial that was transmitted to all prisoners. The Kaum Legit represented the perpetrators and managed to reduce the sentence of minor participants to labor or confinement. But the leaders were sentenced in accordance with Tymbrimi space law – the revolt was considered a mutiny and a mutiny requires death. All personnel and prisoners were required to watch as the leaders were led to an air lock and let out into space. No further revolts were attempted and Eleanor learned that space was a very hostile place.


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