The Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath – Millicent

Battleship Attack from Brian Tuireann

Battleship Attack from Brian Tuireann

The final entry in the Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath. Millicent has returned and reacts to John Smith’s actions. The battle is won and the wrap is taking place. But what was the cost of winning?

Author’s Note

This is the last entry in the Battle for Juthjath and in “Of Sieges and Sallies”. My long suffering editor steeled herself and provided worked her way through these last battle scenes. She provided some very useful story coherency suggestions as well some character suggestions.  Sieges and Sallies really should be three chapters (when I edit this later, I will make that adjustment). And some scenes may not be necessary.  I have one more chapter (with multiple scenes) in the Omicron Matter. That will be looking at the aftermath of the last two chapters.

A recent follower “Voice of God” is writing a serial novel set in a dystopian future.  The author’s writing is tight and exciting. The author only reveals a little in each entry so we keep coming back to learn more. The book is a mystery of Gaia as Gaia finds out what is happening on Earth. The symbolism is not a single event. The author pulls heavily from our current life to define what society might look like. The series is just starting so it is a great time to jump on board.


She watched as Smith’s fleet shot point blank into the broadside of the battleship destroying escape hatches. Then Smith target three escape pods. She snapped “get me Smith now.” Felicity put her through to Smith’s ship. His smiling face appeared and Millicent immediately snarled, “That was not necessary.” Felicity winced at the volume and vehemence.
Smith said easily, “It was. The captain needed convincing. We were losing valuable data and evidence of crimes by the second. That ship would have been useless without the data core.”
Millicent snapped, “Those people in the escape pods could do nothing about the core. They were fleeing.”
Smith leaned forward and snapped, “The Guild shot homes and neighborhoods so people fled to the stadiums and shopping centers. Then the Guild destroyed those stadiums and shopping centers. The Guild herded to those people to their executions.” He leaned back, “Ask the Menanggung ambassador if she thinks I should be merciful. More Menanggung died in one day than all the Guild personnel in this battle.” He said harshly, “Those fleeing Guild crew aimed the weapons that killed tens of thousands. The officers gave the orders. No one in that ship is innocent.”
Millicent was silent. Smith continued, “Admiral Borat made it clear there are no limits when he ordered attacks on the stadiums. He made his coffin when those asteroids were guided on a path to the planet.”
Millicent said quietly, “Are we no different? We have no limits?”
Smith smiled thinly, “I haven’t decided.” He leaned back and said, “Morgaine, Let’s have tea later discuss the challenging morality of war. At the moment, we have a battleship to secure.”
The screen went blank and Millicent sat down and clenched her fists.
Charles spoke, “If we deal with a spider, we shouldn’t be surprised when we are bit.”
Millicent snapped, “Liam, find a place to secure prisoners. Jason, start finding those escape pods and pulling them in. I will not have all those people subject to the tender mercies of Smith in a bad mood.”


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