The Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath – Rachael and Millicent

Coalition Attack 1

First attack wave on Guild Carrier by Coalition ships

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – the Battle for Juthjath.  The second missile may have scared the captain, but the Guild admiral does not want to be caught by the Tymbrimi.  Rachael and Neville unleash the third missile. After it detonates, a new fleet arrives.

Author’s note

MIllicent is back! I was stuck in this story for awhile trying to figure out how to end the battle. I was also missing Millicent. Then I figure out how to solve two problems at once.

Another loyal reader is Ryan Lanz and “A Writer’s Path”. A Writer’s Path has been a great resource and learning location for me.  Along with book reviews and promotions of his books, he regularly invites other authors to discuss interesting topics: “Why you should outline your novel in revision”; “Writing visually without describing everything”; “World Building: How to make a royal court” and so on.  I find myself reading articles from his sight several times a week.

Thanks for you support. Look for more on Wednesday.  (Millicent is back!)


The captain was replaced by an admiral, “That will not happen, traitor. We are leaving now.” And the transmission stopped.
Neville did not need to be told and worked quickly this time and Smith’s ship was in transition. When it came out, Rachael released the missile and she simply nodded to Neville who quickly returned to the battleship and moved to the far side of the battleship. In a moment there was a bright flash and another sun for a moment. Rachael looked at her panel, “Radiation across the spectrum. Shielding is holding although I will bet the battleship is uncomfortable.” She looked at her panel and said, “Shit…two battleships and a dozen cruisers just showed up…where the hell did they come from?”
Smith leaned back and steepled his fingers, then smiled, “Their timing is remarkable…Hail them.”
Millicent Morgaine stood in her unisuit smiling. “Hello Smith, am I late?”


John Smith’s voice came over the speakers, “Took you long enough, Morgaine.”
Millicent said, “I was meeting some old friends. Admiral Onuan is anxious to talk to you.”
Smith said, “Lovely, we can all get caught up over tea. But that battleship will be dumping his memory core in a moment.”
Millicent pursed her lips and said, “We can’t have that.” She looked at Felicity, “Ask Admiral Onuan to disable that ship further. Charles did you hear, Smith?”
His voice sounded strained, “I have joined the others in the effort. They have blocked self destruct protocols. But we are scrambling with the memory core right now.”
The Menanggung battleship fired to bolts at the Guild battleship communication array. The cruiser fired missiles into the engine zone. Millicent looked up at the ceiling, “Charles?”
“We are catching the pieces and trying to slow the dump, but that is all we are managing at the moment.”
Millicent grimaced, “Felicity, get Smith.”


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