The Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath – Rachael part 3

Coalition Attack 1

First attack wave on Guild Carrier by Coalition ships

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath.  Rachael has deployed guidance drones to three Guild cruisers.  With the drones in place, the first demonstration is about to take place with a Guild audience.

Author’s note

My editor is caught up and things are getting tighter on the story as a consequence. I have several days of backlog to keep up. Today’s image shows what a Guild cruiser would like (at least before it is atomized by a missile traveling at 25% the speed of light).

I would like to highlight followers over the next posts. The Science Geek is a regular reader of mine, I am proud to say.  His website has great posts on all things science. He is polite enough to not correct my wild speculations on FTL travel, dark matter and energy, and relativistic matter/energy conversion (really big bangs).  However, he has some great articles on those matters that are great sources for any Sci Fi writer.

Thanks for you support and look for more on Monday.


Smith said, “Captain, I suggest you look for your cruiser off to the starboard side before you say more.”
On cue there was a bright flash and new point of light shown in the black of space. Camille filled in, “The first cruiser is gone. There is a significant debris cloud in its place.There were several troop ships close to it. I suspect they are gone as well.”
The captain was told something. He gestured wildly, “How!…tell me how!” He turned back to the connection and snarled , “I do not know what you did, but you will pay for that…”
Smith snapped back, “I am losing my patience, Captain. Surrender or I will destroy this entire fleet.”
The captain shouted, “Just try…”
Smith looked at Rachael and made a cutting motion. Rachael broke the connection. Smith looked at Neville and nodded. Neville once again worked the ship. As it came out of transition Rachael released the second missile and said “ The second missile is away. We will have two minutes when we get back before it hits. The blast will be much closer.”
Smith smiled thinly, “Well done, Weiz. Carter-Frasier, we do not want to miss the fireworks.”
Neville grinned and returned the ship to the battle. Rachael tried to raise the battleship captian, but got nothing. Camille said, “I can get him on the screen again.”
Rachael leaned back and smirked.“Don’t waste your effort. If he doesn’t call after this one, I will clean latrines.”
Smith smirked, “No bet.”
Then off to the port side there was a new sun. Smith whispered, “Gods.” Neville exclaimed, “Shitte”
Rachael looked at her panel and said, “Why look, the captain wishes to speak.” She then told Smith “The next one will be much closer we may want to get our ships behind the battleship for it.”
Smith said, “Put the captain on. And start arranging our fleet. They will probably figure it out anyway. ”
And image of the showed the Guild captain. He was pale and shaking, “What the hell are you doing?”
Smith smiled thinly, “Showing you what it looks like on a planet when you throw an asteroid at it. Know I can keep doing it and I will. Surrender your ship or every ship in your fleet will be reduced to atoms and plasma.”
The captain was replaced by an admiral, “That will not happen, traitor. We are leaving now.” And the transmission stopped.


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