The Omicron – The Battle for Juthjath – Rachael


A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath. Smith and his fleet are pursuing the second battleship. As the pursue the big ship, smaller cruisers are fleeing the planet as well.  Smith decides to try the missile attack on a ship. Rachael begins preparing for the attack and plans ahead.

Author’s Note

I will admit I am stretching this out a little. But there will be exciting bits throughout.  I have gotten ahead of my editor and that is always a dangerous thing.

Thanks for your support.

Look for more on Friday


Rachael rushed to the drone storage bay. As she pushed herself along, she asked, “Camille, how close were the support cruisers and the tugs to the asteroids?”
Camille responded, “The tugs were next to the asteroid. The cruisers were at 15 kilometers.” There was a pause and then she filled in, “The energy release was probably lethal to at least 20 kilometers. Radiation effects would go farther but ships are well insulated for that.”
Rachael said, “Send me the coordinates of three cruisers that are outside a 25 kilometer radius of the battleship and send them to me.”
When Rachael got to the drones, Camille had the coordinates. Rachael programmed in one and sent it on its way. She called to Smith and said, “The drone is in place.” She then set the next two and sent them the next two coordinates. She returned to the bridge and headed to her spot on the bridge.
Smith said, “What took you so long getting back?”
Rachael smiled and said, “Personal matters. Did I get the drone in place on time?”
Smith leaned back and smiled, “Just…Carter-Frasier are you ready?”
Neville nodded and began his work. The ship went into transition and then out and Rachael released the missile. “First missile away.”
Smith said, “First?”
Rachael smiled thinly, “When I’ve dealt with bullies, the first cut just gets them cranky. It is the second one that makes them think. The third is the one that fixes matter.”
Smith smiled and said, “Get us back to the fleet.”
Neville returned to the ship to the fleet which was now in range of the battleship. Rachael hailed the battleship but got no response. Camille said, “Let me help.” The screen filled with the battleship captain who looked at Smith and said, “I have nothing to say to you treasonous scum.”


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