The Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath – Rachael

Battleship Attack from Brian Tuireann

Battleship Attack from Brian Tuireann

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – the Battle for Juthjath. The first battleship has been disabled. Smith wants the second battleship and so begins the chase. He tells Rachael to get some missiles and drones ready for a new round of attacks.

Author’s Note

My apologies for missing the post on Friday. My company is shutting down its physical office and going “virtual”. “Virtual” in this case means working from home and renting rooms for meetings. Regardless, Friday was spent hauling office furniture and cleaning up.  But I am back. The next few posts will be the same scene but it is a long one.  I have an image started but it needs some adjustments and isn’t quite ready. So we will be using an existing one.

Look for more on Wednesday…really.  Thanks for your support


The battleship floated in its orbit, but showed no signs of control. Tuireann’s final attack had broken the bridge control of the engines. The chaos of the garbage chute destruction had made any repair and recovery impossible. Neville said, “There are dozens if not hundreds of small ships leaving the battleship.”
Smith said, “They are abandoning ship. Brian better get his negotiation skills in order or he will have nothing but a light show after this.”
Camille said, “Ian and others managed to abort the self-destruct. They are downloading the core memory now. But damage is extensive. It will take weeks or more to repair.”
He stood and said, “Not our problem. Miss Weiz find our remaining ships and direct them to the next battleship.”
Rachael looked at her screen, “All the Guild ships are firing engines to leave orbit. The battleship, the cruisers and support ships are all trying to get away.”
Smith snapped, “Not if I have anything to say about it. Carter-Frasier chase the battleship.”
Neville said, “The course is laid, but they are moving fast.”
Smith growled “Organize the other ships and use the Omicron drives to get ahead if you have to.”
Rachael said, “They won’t be surprised this time.”
Smith paced as the ship jumped into transition. Then stopped, “Can you hit one of the cruisers with your missile trick?”
Rachael scratched her head, “I will need to program a drone and then get it to the target.” She pulled away from her console and turned around, “I would need 15 minutes of real time.”
Smith said, “Start now while we are in transition. Pick one close enough to the battleship to scare them, but far enough away they will survive the energy release. And if you do it in 10 minutes, I will let you help me put Winifred Stanhope down.”


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