The Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath – Eleanor

Battleship Attack from Brian Tuireann

Battleship Attack from Brian Tuireann

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – the Battle for Juthjath.  Smith and his fleet have been targeting the garbage chutes.  The damage and chaos was severe. Brian and Eleanor continued targeting the battleship engines. But decide to change strategy.

Author’s note

It is unclear who should get credit for disabling the battleship. Smith’s attack was clearly disruptive. But Brian’s attack was clearly critical in the final sequence. But it was a corollary of Smith’s strategy.  Both will probably get the honor.

The picture today matches Brian’s attack around the engines.

Thank for your support and look for more Friday.


Smith’s fleet was targeting garbage chutes from some reason. Brian rolled his eyes but said, “He has friends in dark places but he isn’t an idiot. Send ten of ours to target the aft chute.” The aft batteries had ceased to be a problem, but they had lost 10 ships in the process. With the batteries gone, Eleanor could fly simple loops while Brian sent missiles into the engine. The 15 remaining ships were doing the same thing. But the shield held and seemed impervious to the missiles. Brian rubbed his eyes, “We are getting low on missiles.”
Awag said, “Others are reporting the same thing.
Ian spoke up, “The garbage chute is having an effect. I am detecting power fluctuations throughout the ship.”
“But not the aft shields.”
Ian said “They are boosting power to the aft shields even as Smith and his group of bandits have broken the garbage chutes. All of the chutes have been breached and are venting gas.”
Brian spun in his chair, “What are they doing?” He stopped, “Command lines. Ian where is the engine command line located in the aft section.”
A diagram showed up on Eleanor’s console. A line in red ran through a section to the engines. There was a narrow zone between the main body and the engine section that seemed closer to the surface. Brian asked, “Are the shields weaker at that section?”
Ian said, “They are weaker everywhere but the engines.”
Brian snapped, “Awag, send these coordinates to the others. We are directing our fire to the control line. Miss Woodson, move us into position over that spot. We can’t get to the engines but we can make sure they can’t manage them.”
Eleanor moved the ship to the main port along with all the other ships in the fleet. Down the battleship she could see vents of gas and debris where Smith’s ships were doing their damage. Brian fired a missile and Awag shouted, “Solid strikes from every missile.” She paused, “They are trying to start up the main engine.”
Brian fired another missile and then another. This time Awag said, “Breach in the hull. Several missiles entered. The main engine is shut down.”
Ian said, “I am detecting power failures in the forward and mid sections as well.”
Eleanor looked at her screen, “There are dozens of small signatures appearing.”
Brian leaned back and said, “They are abandoning ship. Ian?”
Ian said, “We started working on the self destruct almost immediately. We have it blocked. We are downloading their main computer core.”
Brian stretched and said, “Awag contact the battleship captain and tell him to power down his shields and any weapons.”


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