The Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath – Rachael

Battleship Attack from Brian Tuireann

Battleship Attack from Brian Tuireann

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath. Smith and his ships are now fully enjoined in the battle.  Their attack requires them to fly along the spine of the battleship. Unfortunately, battleship defenses are lined up on the spine as well. The Uycarran AIs are trying to disrupt the battleship defenses, but that takes time.

Author’s note

After Star Wars, every space battle ought to have a metaphoric “Exhaust Port.” Ships should not be invulnerable; they need some fatal weakness that rebel ships can exploit despite the best efforts of the evil empire to protect it.  Sure it is cliche, but it is fun cliche.

I have included my image of the battle from Brian’s point of view. It is the back of the battleship. Friday I will have the front attack.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Wednesday.


Smith fired three sets of rounds from the rail gun. The garbage chutes were small ports along the top of the battleship. They were a weakness; a target. Normally, enemies should not be so close to the battleship to be able to target them. But the coalition ships were operating faster than Guild had ever had encountered before. The rubbish bins were not the target. Instead, once the ports were breached, further explosions would wreak havoc on the inside. Because garbage management needed to be central to the ship, other vital systems would be nearby: communications, navigation, power. Aside from the sheer nuisance of the refuse of a thousand people filling hallways, additional explosions could damage those systems. That was the theory. However, the first attacks would not penetrate the shielding immediately and defensive systems would not be idle as 50 enemy ships flew by dropping no end of missiles and other projectiles.
Neville said tensely, “Those beams are getting close” and twisted the ship yet again.
Camile said calmly, “We are working on that. Just keep evading them until we get in.”
Neville whined, “That’s it? Just keep evading? What do you think I have been doing the last 10 minutes? Twiddling my thumbs.”
Camille snapped, “Given your imagination in maneuvers, that was my suspicion. Now let me do my work.”
Smith growled, “Focus. Carter-Frasier… and try turning in the other direction on occasion. Just be glad you are the first ship and not the second.”
Neville grunted and shifted the ship up and then down.
Camille said, brightly, “You may resume your tedious attempts at evasion Mr. Carter-Frasier. The targeting systems will not be working for awhile.”
Neville grumbled and shook his head. Smith glared at the ceiling, “There were close to 50 of you working on that. What took so long?”
Camille sounded defensive, “Their defenses improved after Ian and his friends attack. There were not really 50 of us until we were fully engaged. We had to be in range to do our work. Only when there were enough of us did the systems let us in. Even with nearly all of working together we had a lot of barriers to break down. Shall I tell the group their work was unsatisfactory and put the targeting system back on-line? Or should I send your thanks?”
Smith rubbed his head, “Fine. Thank you Camille.” He looked at the readouts and said, “I leave it to you to decide what to attack next. But remember we want the ship whole.”
Rachael said, “The garbage port closest to the bridge is venting gas. The midship port may be breached. The aft port is still intact.” She looked at her console, “The Tymbrimi ships are attacking the aft port as well now.”
Smith smiled, “Finally. Tuireann always had problems taking a hint. Bring us around for a new run, Carter-Frasier. I want that bridge covered in garbage when the ship loses power.”


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