The Omicron Matter – the Battle for Juthjath – Eleanor


A new entry in the Omicron Matter – the Battle for Juthjath.  Brian and his fleet are trying to take the battleship engines out. But they are protected by shielding and two missile turrets. One turret has been destroyed, but the second is proving a harder nut to crack.

Author’s note

The Japanese kamikaze attacks of World War II were more terror inspiring than effective. A small plane could only do so much against a larger ship. However, that small plane could easily take out larger guns or anti aircraft armament to pave the way for later planes. Modern ships have protection against such attacks.

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The Battle for Juthjath


Brian said, “Tell Sugarbreeze and Bendik to join us and get that last turret out of order”. Awag relayed the orders and Eleanor started the ship through a set of twisting set of maneuvers. The ship shook and alarms went off as she spiraled towards the target battery. It fired missiles and beams at her as she got closer. Awag said, “Shielding down to 50%”
Eleanor said through clenched teeth, “Tuireann, get those missiles ready.”
Brian said, “Missiles locked”. Eleanor held the ship steady for a moment and Brian said, “Missiles away.” She pulled the ship away hard and felt light headed as the ship accelerated through the turn. Brian said, “First missile missed, second missile hit. …Dammit…a beam hit Bendik. He is spinning… His ship crashed into the battery…” Brian rubbed his face, “The battery is out of commission.” He closed his eyes and said quietly, “We went to school together…”
Eleanor grimaced and said, “We make his sacrifice count.” She pulled the ship back towards the battleship and lined up with the engine. “Do your job Captain Tuireann.”
Awag said, “A second fleet has arrived in front of the battleship…they are firing on the hull.”
Brian looked up and said in a tired voice, “Smith arrived…fashionably late as always.” Then he squinted at his monitors, “What the hell is he doing?”


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