The Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath – Rachael


A new entry in the Omicron Matter- the Battle for Juthjath. John Smith and his fleet arrive and start attacking the bow of the ship.  Their strategy will be different than Brian’s.

Author’s Note

I seem to be having difficulties getting my entries off in time. I have no excuse (other than a busy work schedule). I should have my entry on time for tomorrow.

Thanks for your support and look for another entry tomorrow.

The Battle for Juthjath


Smith’s ship and his companions entered normal transition near the bow of the battleship. Smith said, “Lead the way Carter-Frasier. Camille tell your friends to start their interference.” Rachael felt the ship pull at her as Neville accelerated along the port side of the battleship.
She reported, “All right wing ships are lined up behind us and following.”
Smith shrugged, “Nice to know know Uycarrans can work together if we have to.”
Rachael added, “There are about 30 ships engaged with the rear defenses.”
Smith said, “A standard attack. Let’s see if this new method of yours will work. Have you found the spots you are looking for?”
Rachael said quickly and then said, “Found it. Sending the coordinates to you and Neville.”
Neville said, “Adjusting the path.”
Smith said, “Rail gun is loaded with fragmentary rounds. I have the target.”
Rachael said, “The first garbage hatch is just behind the bridge and then one every 300 meters.”
Smith smiled thinly, “Tell everyone to drop a round on the first hatch and reform. We’ll do the others in better order on the second run. I want to extend our greetings to Admiral Borat.”
Rachael grinned as she relayed the order.


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