The Omicron Matter – The Battle for Juthjath – Eleanor


A new entry in the Omicron Matter – the Battle for Juthjath – Eleanor is waiting for the orders to go ahead with attack. Brian comes in with a message from John Smith – his fleet is here and the asteroids are destroyed. It is time to take out the battleships around Juthjath.

Author’s note

I am posting this as a if it were its own chapter, but I am linking back to “Of Sieges and Sallies”. This section is very long and has a lot of individual sections so treating as its own unit makes sense.  I am working on an image for the battle, but it is really complicated and Daz 3d is driving me mad.

Sorry for the missed post on Friday. I am back. Look for more on Wednesday

The Battle for Juthjath


Eleanor and Awag were running yet another simulation of attacks. Ian was critiquing Eleanor’s approaches. “The ship will be wide open to any beams or missiles from the aft batteries.”
Eleanor smacked her hand on the table, “And if I approach from the side, I have six potential broadside batteries. Do I face those or the two aft ones?”
Brian rushed in, “Stop squabbling. We will make the aft approach work.” He held up a sheet of paper shaking, “They did it. Smith destroyed the asteroids and the support ships. They are gone.”
Awag stared and croaked, “Gone? How?”
Brian smiled broadly, “I think the remarkable Miss Weiz cheated with the Omicron device. In any case, Smith and his fleet are planning on attacking just after the Guild ships at Juthjath find out. With the time lag that is in 20 minutes. ” He sat down at his console and said, “We will be doing our own attack at the same time. Awag, let everyone know what happened and they have to be ready to leave and attack in 15 minutes.”
Awag began sending the orders. The target would be the main thruster of the battleship. It was not as heavily guarded by batteries as the bridge or other portions of the ship, but it was the most heavily shielded portion of the ship. The AIs would work first to disrupt the batteries guidance and then the shielding. But recent missions had shown the Guild had learned from Brian’s previous success and computer attacks were much harder now.

The countdown clock said zero and Brian said, “Miss Jogath, send the launch signal. Miss Woodson lead the way.” Eleanor moved her hands over the console and the ship jumped into transition.
The coalition fleet came into normal space 50 Kilometers away from the battleship. The other coalition ships lined up with Brian’s ship. The space behind the battleship suddenly had a very bright light as if the solar system had a new planet briefly. Brian smiled said, “There is our cue. Show us the way, Miss Woodson.” Eleanor moved towards the huge battleship and Brian began programming attacks on the defensive batteries at its stern. Coalition ships began the same attack. Eleanor’s flight path kept the large engine between the ships and the cannons of the second battery. But besieged battery returned fired even as the missiles landed with one explosion after another. Then the turret gave a flash and a satisfying puff of escaping vapor. Eleanor pulled around for the second wave of attacks.
The battleship began to wake up as Brian said, “Target at will. Keep steady.”
Awag shouted, “Charge beam is targeting us.”
Brian said, “Dammit, evade. We will take that second gun out on next run. We are going to need Smith’s help soon if we want to shut this thing down.”


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