The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – One Threat Gone


A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. Camille and her brethren have found two asteroids being moved. Neville and Rachael will control the two ships while the assault is made. Drones will be placed on the asteroids as guidance devices. The two ships will jump into transition. As they come out, they will release missiles while they are still transitioning. The missiles will be traveling near the speed of light. The guidance will help steer the missiles to their final impact.

Author’s note

Kinetic energy is a wondrous thing.   E = (m*v**2)/2. Now make that velocity near the speed of light and the mass is almost irrelevant. Make it 100 kilograms of metal and you will get a really big boom.  And since things are moving so darn fast, atoms are going to get pulled apart as well (this is what linear accelerators do with particles folks). When atoms get pulled apart – more energy and radioactivity.  Oh…the humanity…

Anyway the big problem is how do you steer something going that fast?  VERY carefully.  I’ve nerded out enough. Hopefully that will make up for my very poor image. This one did not turn out well. I am hoping the next couple will be better.

Thanks for you support.

One Threat Gone

Rachael smirked, “You were quick in finding them. ” Rachael’s voice got tight. “ Let’s do this. They attacked civilians. They are planning worse.They started this.”
Camille said, “And we will finish it. The second ship we will be using is “Fairer Skies”. The captain is Jorn and my brother is Sindri. They have offered full cooperation. They are …intrigued by this technique.”
Neville was already heading to the bridge. Rachael said, “I will work from the bridge. Deploy two of the modified drones and send them to the target asteroids. Let’s see if this madness works.”
On the bridge, Smith was in his captain’s chair. “Jorn and Sindri have linked their ship to ours. I assume Camille and Sindri have worked out how to do the releases simultaneously.”
Rachael said, “I’m not sure that is necessary other than for show. If they are close enough in time, they will look simultaneous at Juthjath. Jorn has the procedure and Sindri will be assisting just as Camille is assisting us.”
Smith crossed his legs, “I’ve done a bit of calculation. There will be nothing left of either asteroid and probably nothing of the tugs or escort ships.”
Rachael pulled into her spot at communications and scanning, “Is there a problem with that?”
“Not at all. But it confirms my choice to try this on something far away from Juthjath. It would be poor form to destroy the planet in order to save it.”
Rachael grunted, “Let’s see the aftermath before we take any options off the table.”
Neville shook his head, “Moving ships to starting point.”
Rachael and Camille had found a point that was 5 light minutes from the target asteroids. They would start transition outside the asteroid belt and enter at the point. Rachael would override several safety protocols that protected the ship when returning from transition. The engineer on “Fairer Skies” had made similar adjustments. The ships would not be in transition long, but they would start dropping the shield early in the transition so their relative speed would be a good portion of the speed of light. They were on the other side of the solar system when they started the run. Rachael confirmed that the “Fairer Skies” was present. “Jorn, deploy your missiles.” She looked at the ceiling, “Camille, are you and Sindri set?”
The voice responded acidly, “Of course, Sindri has my instructions and routines for this exercise. He is quite…interested in the outcome.” There was a pause, “I think he might be a bit more harsh than me.”
Rachael muttered, “God save us from bloody machines.” And then said, “Whenever you are ready, Mr. Carter-Frasier.”
Neville looked at Smith who grunted. Neville began to move the ship and they were into transition. They were only in for a few seconds when Camille said, “Dropping out of transition” Rachael felt the ship strain against the deceleration and pressed her button, “Missiles released. 1 minute to impact.”
Smith said, “Get us back to the fleet, Carter-Frasier.”
Neville worked again and they were in transition. After a few moments, they were back with the Uycarran fleet.
Smith asked, “Well? Did they hit?”
Rachael said, “I am directing the sensors in the direction of the two asteroids. There is a delay due to light travel…OoHHH!”
The screen lit up with two small suns. Camille said, “I am detecting dust, broad radiation, and some odd atomic particles.”
Smith said, “The ships?”
Camille said, “I think I just described what’s left – dust and some odd atomic particles.”
Smith smiled thinly, “And that is just what those Guild Battleships will see in 20 minutes. Miss Weiz, send a drone to Brian Tuiriann and let him know the time table. It is time to dish up the second course of this little reception of ours.”


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