The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – One Threat Gone I


A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. Smith and his fleet arrive at the Tymbrimi solar system. He has given Rachael and Camille permission to try out the new attack technique on any asteroids the Guild might be moving to attack Juthjath. While they are preparing drones for the attack, Neville ponders why the fighting has started. Rachael disabuses him of any altruistic notions.

Author’s note

This next set of entries took a while to write. My long suffering editor is being a trooper and making corrections as best she can. But she is unfamiliar with common military terms such as “Battery” and “Turret”.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Wednesday

One Threat Gone

Rachael’s head cleared immediately as they left transition. They arrived near the sixth planet and fell into orbit around the ringed planet. She checked for the fleet other ships and then said, “All ships present. Between the distance, the rings and the Guild not knowing to look, we should still be a surprise.”
Smith grumbled, “That is a lot to count on. Camille find those asteroids and their tugs. Miss Weiz send a drone to Juthjath and send an update. We will want to coordinate strategy.”
Rachael composed the message and rolled on to deliver it to the drone. She would see Winifred Stanhope in her grave. But these drones would be what kept the coalition ahead of the Guild. With the ship AIs scanning the galaxy and the messages delivered, there was nothing to do but wait. Neville was working on another drone. She rolled up as Neville worked. Neville said, “Transmitter is on, Camille.”
Camille said, “I am getting a good signal through the missile. Shift the drone a bit and I will check guidance.” Neville moved the winch to the right and up. Camille said, “Guidance is responsive. If the missile doesn’t fall apart on the way, it will deliver our message.”
Neville wiped his hands on the cloth and looked at the drone. “Why do you suppose they are supporting us?”
Rachael asked, “Who is supporting us?”
Neville looked at her and said, “The coalition. Why are they stepping out for Earth?”
Rachael rolled her chair over to the console and readied the drones for their flight. “Do you really want to know? Isn’t it enough that they are?”
Neville shrugged, “Smith is the only one who has been there in this group, but they are about to get shot at. Don’t you wonder why they are supporting Earth?”
Rachael pressed some more buttons and then closed a drone panel, “They aren’t supporting us. Well Millicent is, but the other’s are being given a reason to fight the guild. We are the convenient excuse. You heard the talk – we are a backwater planet that shouldn’t bother anybody.”
Neville said, “That isn’t stopping the Guild from attacking us.”
Rachael smiled, “And that will turn out to be a big mistake. Millicent wants us saved. But Smith and his ragged band of merry men are more interested in saving the galaxy from the Sheriff of Nottingham and taking from the rich.” She scratched her head and then winked at him, “Winifred was right – you are on the wrong side.”
Neville threw the rag at her. “Robin Hood was Robin of Lockesly before he starting robbing people.”
Rachael cleaned her own hands with the rag, “Seriously, Smith and other have been building this coalition for years. Humans provided a leap in technology and the locals are angry enough to revolt. If the government gets too far removed, they lose control. The English found out in America. The French found out. The Spanish found out in Mexico. You can only bleed the plebes so long.” She pressed a button and the drones lit up, “And make everyone even more nervous, the Guild is reminding everyone about the Uycarrans. I think the Guild is going to be surprised that not everyone thought that was a great idea.”
Neville sighed, “Your right.It was nicer to think they were helping us out.”
Rachael said, “When you are the underdog, nobody helps you unless there is an angle for them.It’s the history of…a lot of people.”
Camille interrupted, “We have located two targets sun-side of the asteroid belt and accelerating towards Juthjath.” Her voice got menacing, “Are you ready for some blood Miss Weiz.”


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