The Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies – The Guild Sends a Message

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Of Sieges and Sallies. After Brian Tuireann’s attack, the Guild became more aggressive in its attacks. John O’Malley and Simone Campbell are summoned to Abu Silverbeam’s compound abruptly. The Admiral of the Guild Fleet wants to speak and Silverbeam wants all species leaders present.

Author’s Note

This turned out to be a very long chapter. In reality, it should be two and possible three different chapters. But that is an exercise for later editing.

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The Guild Sends a Message

The injured and dead came in waves every two to three days. The ships in orbit would line up with Helenith and attack with beams and missiles. The numbers of casualties got smaller with each attack. Those that could, left their homes and businesses for other locations. Others were moved to refugee centers. And those who could not or would not leave grew smaller with each attack. Simone rested in the shade of an abandoned souvenir stand. The hospital and its functions had been moved to a shopping center as the numbers of wounded and homeless grew. She closed her eyes and drank her water.
A Menanggung hurried up quickly and said, “Miss Campbell. Mr. Silverbeam needs you now. He is sending for Mr. O’Malley as well. He is convening a big meeting. Uycarrans will be there as well.”
Simone looked around and said, “They will be needing help here soon. The ships are returning.”
The Menanggung wrung his hands saying, “Mr. Silverbeam knows this, but he is insistent. You must come. There is going to be a Guild contact and he wants representatives from all the races when it happens.”
Simone stopped in mid drink and eyed the Menanggung. “Guild contact? I did not know that was happening?”
He shifted from one foot to the other, “We received a message from the Guild admiral three hours ago ‘requesting’ a meeting with our leaders.”
“I am not a leader.”
“You and Mr. O’Malley are here. You invented the Omicron drives. That makes you a leader for humans.”
Simone stood and stretched and brushed herself off. “Fine, but my clothes are back in my room.”
“Your clothes are unimportant. We must leave now.”
Simone used her water and tried to remove some of the blood stains while they traveled, but there were too many and they were too big. She sighed and gave up. They stopped at the sports stadium where displaced refugees were staying. John O’Malley was outside with a Hoon. Ami Tymbrimi followed John out to the transportation she leaned and told Simone, “Tell Silverbeam to let you go quick. I’ve got some fresh fish. Tell him he can join us if he needs to talk more.” John gave a quick kiss on her head and climbed in and said, “They have the most amazing spices here.”
The Hoon got in the front with the Menanggung. Simone looked over at John. He was dusty and had some oil stains on his work clothes. She said, “I guess they told you it needed to be quick as well.”
John shrugged, “They said there was a small window.” He sniffed as he looked at his clothes. “I’ve been doing maintenance on climate control. They said there was no time to change.”
The Hoon leaned in from the front, “Please excuse our rush. Everyone is being fetched with haste. Mr. Silverbeam feels the right group will leave an important impression.”
They arrived at the Silverbeam compound. The compound had suffered significant damage. Half collapsed homes were surrounded by trees denuded of leaves and statuary fallen to the ground. The transport stopped and they were ushered with others to a low concrete building built into a hill. The Menanggung saw her looking at the devastation and said, “Mr. Silverbeam sent most everyone away after Tuireann’s raid. Those of us who are working are housed below ground. It is safe. We just can’t be above ground when a battleship passes.” The group of humans and other aliens took an elevator to a level far below the surface. There, in a room nearly the size of a banquet hall, were dozens. There were several Uycarran in their odd mix of cultural outfits. There were Tymbrimi who were in uniforms that show signs of long wear and need a good pressing. Hoon, Kuam Legit, Yevath, and Luxian all gathered in the room dominated by a long table. Silverbeam called loudly, “Please sit.” The group began to take seats along the table. Silverbeam had his hands behind his back, “The Guild Admiral has asked to make a message to the planet leaders. You’ve been called as representatives of the races on this planet.” He leaned on the table, “In case any of you have doubts, nothing changes for us. We do not go back on our word.” He leaned up, “Help is coming and they do not know that.” Simone breathed a little easier.
A Hoon in uniform said, “Patching the Admiral to the main screen and camera.”


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